Is the COVID-19 Crisis Making You Anxious About the Future?  You and Your Team Need a Plan Now!  Introducing...


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All the tools you need to get through to the OTHER SIDE of the COVID-19 Crisis for your dental practice.  We will keep you and your team inspired and focused during this uncertain time.  Be ready to be up and running with a full schedule when you are allowed to go back to work. Already a member?  login here

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The Ultimate Roadmap to the OTHER SIDE of the COVID-19 Crisis!

Dentistry has never seen anthing like this before. We don't know how long this will last, but we will be with you every step of the way until this ends.  We will bring you tools weekly to help you navigate through to the other side of this crisis and be ready to go once you are able to go back to work.

WE will get through this as a profession and become profitable again, but in order for that to happen YOU need to get through this.  We will help you do just that in ACT Academy.

Here is a SMALL SAMPLE of the tools and solutions in ACT Dental Academy:


  • We will provide you with a step-by-step checklist in what to do every week (that we will be updating constantly) that you and your team to follow with REAL TIME items to do right now.
  • We will also provide you with a checklist of items to do with your DOWN TIME that are proactive in nature to keep your team focused and "sharpen the saw" in this important time.
  • We will also provide you with an EXCEL SPREADSHEET (that we will also be updating constantly) to help you forecast and track your cash flow so that you know exactly the date you will run out of cash and how to prolong that every day.  
  • You love dentistry and you have spent years attending courses to improve your skills and your practice, but some things just don’t stick and you don’t know how to fix that.
  • You spend a lot of time researching what is going on in dentistry and your afraid of losing the freedom that you have in private practice.
  • Your practice sometimes runs YOU instead of YOU RUNNING IT. The day to day management and ownership of private practice seems less and less fun.
  • You struggle to get things organized and stay on tops of things. What’s worse, is that when you do find time to work on your practice you often don’t know where to start because there is too much to do.
  • Your team members are too close to you to hear your constructive advice. They are actually starting to resent it. You can see them tune you out the second you start explaining a better way to do things.
  • You truly don’t know what is happening at the front desk of your practice. You only pray that things go well up there, because you have way too much to do in the back.
  • You have tried other “online dental video training platforms” in dentistry that are really good but they bore the heck out of your team and sometimes don’t apply to your practice.


Dr. Wael Garine presented this graphic as a great example of how we have to think as dentists and team members in this time, and we couldn't agree more.  Thank you Dr. Garine!  You are a genius!

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We will help you prepare for the road ahead, no matter what happens:

  • We are crazy passionate about helping dentists and their teams create a better practice and a better life. This only only happens with a more engaged dental team. When you have that - it changes your practice and ultimately your life.

  • We know that (as a dentist) you aren’t a normal entrepreneur that can take a few days away from the business to strategize to make it better. Your practice only works when you work in it.

  • We know that your team meetings become gripe sessions in which you regurgitate the same problems over and over to the point that no one wants to do them anymore. Especially you. In fact, there are days in which you would rather see a patient than sit through another meeting.

  • We know that the future of private care dentistry is only going to get harder, and you are afraid of losing the freedom you have. It isn’t going to get any easier. That is why every dental team instead has to get better.

  • We know that dentistry is the greatest profession ever, but you don’t have a life and you can’t get ahead financially it can be the worst trap of all.

  • Finally, help is here! That is WHY we created this incredible resource called ACT Dental Academy.


ACT Dental Academy will help you...

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Build a dental practice that is highly predictable, profitable, fun that allow you to finally enjoy dentistry in a way that it gives you the freedom and lifestyle you want.

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Inspire your team (authentically) to embrace the best verbal skills and systems that dentistry has to offer. They will see first hand how the best do it.

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Stay energized knowing that you have a structured plan to eliminate all the guess work to create dental practice that gets better and better every year.

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Tap into the collective expertise and knowledge of other extraordinary dentists and team members across the globe who are there to support you every step of the way.

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Run infinitely better meetings and morning huddles with your team that are inspiring, and very specific to guide your team how to create a better dental practice.

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Feel very confident about your future and resist the urge to sell your practice to a DSO or private equity to get a “multiple of EBITDA” just because you don’t see a promising future.

Meet the ACT Dental Academy Team!

Hello, we are the expert coaching team at ACT Dental. We have worked with hundreds of dentists and teams to create a better practice and a better life.

Kirk Behrendt started the company in 1997 after traveling the country as a dental consultant and attending some of the very best CE that dentistry has to offer. His vision was to take a more specific and focused approach and create a team of “coaching” experts that could truly change the world - one dental practice at a time.

As a dentist, you have a lot of great choices when it comes to finding an expert to help you in this extremely noble profession. Your challenge is finding the RIGHT expert for you. We are certainly not everyone’s coach - and we wouldn’t want to be. We have a super strong set of core values that guide our work every day. If you are looking at only making more money, then we are definitely not your coach.

But if you are instead a life-long learner, who cares about team members, and knows your dental practice could be just a little bit better, look no further. We have taken hundreds of years of expertise as coaches and combined them all into one amazing support system for the truly passionate dental teams. Get ready to experience the best dentistry has to offer.  Welcome to ACT Dental!

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All ACT Dental Academy Members Get Immediate Access To:

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The ACT Practice Growth Roadmap & Best Practices Checklists

Our step by step guide to take you from wherever you are to a dental practice that is healthy and thriving year over year. Looking for a proven path that will get your practice morning in the right direction? Our game-changing roadmap guides you through every step you need to take with your team. Simply follow the steps, download the tools and resources, watch the videos with your team and your practice will start getting better right away.

In-Depth Courses for You and Your Team to Improve Your Practice

Immediate Access to Our Training Resources - We have an extraordinary library of videos, systems, tools, documents, spreadsheets, examples and quick win tutorials to help your team see a better way to do things in almost every area of your practice. This is coupled with our in depth workshop masterclasses (with dentistry’s top key thinkers to help you see why and how things truly work.

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Live Q&A sessions every month with the ACT Coaches & Community

Interactive live Q&A sessions every month with the ACT Coaches.

Need advice and feedback tailored to your specific situation? We hold a live monthly call where we answer all your questions and provide individual advice.

Plus you can get answers to questions 24/7 inside our member-only forum.

Deep-dive Masterclasses from Leading Experts and Influencers in Dentistry

Looking for in-depth insights on specific tactics and stategies? Our expert workshops have you covered!

We've assembled a cast of seasoned experts to teach you everything from email list building, to hiring virtual assistants, to masterming live video and much, much more!

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A Thriving, Supportive Community of Dentists and Team Members

Our community is really the best part of ACT Academy. You wont see anything like it in dentistry. We work very hard to make sure that your experience is an amazing one in which you feel supported by other like minded dental professionals with a very wide range of skills that you can turn to 24/7 when you need help.

Download the ACT Dental Academy App and Learn Anywhere You Go!

When you become a member of ACT Dental Academy you have hundreds of hours of the best blended learning of the "Best Practices" in dentistry for you and your team.  You now can take it all with you on your mobile device and watch them on the go with the ACT Dental App.

The app is compatible with the iPhone and Android.  You can also access all the downloads via the app. You can access all the of ACT Academy videos and the COVID-19 Relief Dental Conference Recordings.

Every time we add a new piece of content or add another great tool, it will automatically appear on the ACT Dental App.  You will love it!

Pro Coaching Clients and Fast Track Coaching Clients of ACT Dental also get full access to the MEMBERS ONLY exclusive content and community with the ACT Dental App.  Now your learning goes with you wherever you go!

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  • Daily support for COVID-19
  • Tools and Trackers to help you analyze your cash flow every day
  • Checklists and solution to get your team aligned on today
  • Real-time and Down-time systems you can get your team started on now
  • Support from an EXPERT TEAM of Coaches
  • Support from an AMAZING COMMUNITY of dentists and team members doing the same thing you are right now.

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