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Dr. Kevin Groth on Episode #322 of The Best Practices Show: The New Dentist Movement and Lessons Learned

the best practices show podcast Aug 04, 2020

Dr. Kevin Groth on Episode #322 of The Best Practices Show: The New Dentist Movement and Lessons Learned

Kirk speaks with Dr. Kevin Groth, a dentist based in Bingham Farms, Michigan.

Dr. Groth starts by explaining how coming out of of the University of Michigan Dental School in 2013 was dizzying, and starting out in dentistry wasn’t easy. He realized that discovering his identity was key in jump-starting his career.

His expectation did not match the reality of starting a new practice, but the lessons he learned as a result are priceless. Over the last few years, Dr. Groth struggled to make his life as a new dentist line up with his core beliefs. But as he learned from mistakes and experience, he was able to turn dentistry into the dream career that allows him to live his life and spend the most time with his family.

Some of the specific strategies that Dr. Groth discusses are: the need to surround yourself with like-minded people, the patience required to work through developing your practice, and the commitment to hard work. These things all came together to help turn Dr. Groth’s practice into a top-tier operation. But beyond career success, Dr. Groth advocates for enjoying your life. As a family man, Dr. Groth has learned what true value is, and it is often not in working 14-hour days.

He encourages the listener to find what it is that you love and do that thing. This extends to your finances, your goals, and your family life. It’s possible for you to have the home life and the career that you want. It’s possible for you to work hard, make a good living, and still come home to have dinner withyour family every night. It just takes focus and determination.

Toward the end of the show, Dr. Groth and Kirk discuss the impact of the COVID pandemic on dentistry. In Dr. Groth’s case, it has enabled him to focus on his family. Having the right people on his team helped him to transition to a virtual practice that was actually quite successful.

But again—the key is finding what makes you happy and doing that. You can be a proud dentist and still do that.

Main Takeaways:

  • Dr. Groth struggled to understand his identity starting out as a dentist. (5:20)
  • People don’t really support new dentists. (7:50)
  • Having a mentor to help you turn your failures around is key. (13:00)
  • Most of your practice will not be life-changing, but it all matters. (16:20)
  • It’s not the education—it’s the fire in your belly. (19:45)
  • Dr. Groth was able to transition successfully during COVID because he had the right people. (25:35)
  • The most important component of your practice is how you think. (28:10)
  • Surround yourself with people that fit your core values. (36:40)
  • Stop talking about the office when you come home. (40:30)
  • Life is for living —you’ve earned the money you have. (48:00)
  • Be present for everything in life. (50:50)
  • What’s not going to die are the things you did and your relationships. (53:30)


“The happiest people I know have the simplest lives.”

“There is a dark place in dentistry that no one wants to talk about.”

“If you treat people well, everything else will fall into place.”

“Take a risk on you —it’s going to be worth it.”

“If I have a patient in front of me, I’m committed to giving them 100% of my attention.”

“It’s not about upping the numbers —it’s about getting those days down, now.”

“I’m living this life for...spending time with my family.”

“If you enjoy something, nothing should limit your being able to go out and find that joy.”

“When something happens to you, you need to be protected.”

“Pay yourself first...you need to survive.”

“Life has a funny way of reminding you of the things that are important.”


  • The problem of the new dentist. (7:55 -10:35)
  • Advice to a brand new dentist. (11:45 -13:00)
  • Lessons learned during the pandemic. (14:20 -16:45)
  • Spinning the bad days as a positive. (26:40 -27:50)
  • Cutting out days to boost your productivity and improve your wellbeing. (31:30 -32:45)
  • Financial advice to prepare for anything. (42:30 -45:30)
  • The silver lining of COVID. (50:50 -52:00)
  • Dr. Groth almost became a teacher. (54:35 -55:50)

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