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There’s a saying that Kirk frequently uses: “Time is the new rich.” As we move through life, we realize that what’s important is the time we spend with our family, loved ones, or even by ourselves pursuing the things that bring us joy—not the money we get from working too much. Finding that time, however, is where it gets tricky, but there’s a secret to it: saying “no.” There are some lessons you learn along the way that you wish you’d learned earlier, and the word “no” is one of them. It’s number six on Gino Wickman’s 10 Disciplines for Managing and Maximizing Your Energy, as described in detail in his fabulous book The EOS Life, and it gives you more freedom, more joy, and more time.
We say it all the time at ACT, but leadership is lonely. When you’re the one at the top, you don’t always have someone to talk to, and that can get dangerous. Your thinking gets skewed when you’re working in your practice all day, and you all too often start to tell yourself an inaccurate story about how well you’re doing—like Kirk says, “80% of self-talk is negative.” Unless you’re able to put yourself in the room with other people who are in your shoes, you never realize that other dentists are making the same mistakes and going through the same challenges as you. The day you realize that you’re not alone and the story you’ve been telling yourself isn’t totally accurate is a hugely powerful one.
Patients see the little things you don’t. They see the weeds in your parking lot, the air freshener that ran out, the bug that got stuck in the observation light. These things might be little, but they really add up. Flaws in the physical space can hinder the patient experience. They also affect which tier you’re in. Think of it this way—you might think your practice is a Michelin-star restaurant, but your patients think it’s a McDonald’s! Find the little flaws by walking through your practice with the eyes of a patient. Ask your team to sit in the waiting room, walk the hallways, and lie in the observation chairs. Have everyone write down what they see and discuss their findings after the exercise.
Creating a healthy culture in the workplace is crazy important. Your office should be a positive place to work, and that, in turn, creates an environment where everyone performs at their best. I recently interviewed Judy Kay Mausolf, Owner of Practice Solutions, Inc., and she spoke of the importance of communication for a healthy practice. Working with many practices during the pandemic, Judy noticed that those teams with a good culture maintained communications, keeping in touch via Zoom and holding regular meetings. As a result, there was less fear and uncertainty, and the practices did better. In fact, one of our highest producing clients held outdoor meetings under a rented tent during COVID so they could still meet and discuss the state of the practice. He was honest with them, explaining that he didn’t have any answers, but they were able to work together to come up with ideas; the key is constant communication.
If you don’t try something new, you don’t learn anything new.
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