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Jan 18, 2021

We're starting the year off by tackling two important topics GOAL SETTING and MARKETING.  Check out my video above and read below for more information about our upcoming schedule of events!

Join me this Friday as Xana Winans helps us identify "Quick Fixes and Long Term Solutions For New Patient Growth."  Tune in to learn some strategies that you will be able to implement immediately!  Bring your team to this event!

Did you know that you don't have to be an ACT U member to attend this Master Class?  Click here to register for this individual course.  


Upcoming Schedule 

  • January 22nd - Xana Winans - Quick Fixes & Long Term Solutions for New Patient Growth
  • January 29th - Dr. John Cranham - The Digital Dilemma: If, When, and How to Get Involved - Where is This All Going?
  • February 5th - Kirk Behrendt & ACT Coaches - How to Get the Right People in the Right Seats
  • February 12th - Dr. Drew Ferris - Osseous Anchorage and Aligners: Advancing Interdisciplinary Treatment
  • February 19th - ACT Coaches - Hygiene Workshop
  • February 26th - Dr. Nate Lawson - Advanced Topics in Zirconia
  • March 5th - Kirk Behrendt & ACT Coaches - Elegant Handoffs
  • March 12th - Clinical Master Class
  • March 19th - Dental Assisting Workshop
  • March 26th - Dr. Marco Brindis - Clinical Master Class

Important announcement!!  We've hinted at this in the past but are happy to announce that our ACT community can now participate in the Bale Doneen Method Preceptorship Course by taking advantage of a 20% discount to our group!  Use code BDMSPECIAL and register here

If you missed it last week, ACT U members can check out the recording of "The Ultimate Goal Setting Process" from start to finish.  We provided a blueprint for strategic planning as well as take-home best practices for setting your 2021 goals.  Download and print these resources on Strategic Planning to follow along.

How many days are you truly in the office this coming year?

As you're setting goals for the new year, make sure you determine the number of working days that you will be seeing patients and do this for each provider.  It is easy to estimate this number, but our coaches find that unless this is done by manually looking at the schedule, many school holidays, CE events, or long weekends away get easily missed.  Planning in advance allows you to set your goals easier and more strategically.  In addition, if vacation time or time away is set in advance, it's easier for your whole team to schedule.  

-Barrett Straub, DDS, ACT Faculty

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