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You Can't Always Be the Hero in Dentistry

leadership organization practice goals the best practices show podcast Jan 28, 2021



Best Practices Show Podcast - Episode #268 with Dr. Chad Duplantis

“Know thyself,” declared some wise folk before our time. This age-old saying carried on for millennia and still holds relevance — especially in dentistry! And to teach you the importance of knowing your limits, knowing your motivations, and knowing yourself as a dentist, Kirk Behrendt brings in Dr. Chad Duplantis, a key opinion leader in restorative and aesthetic dentistry. He shares his 20 years of insight and learnings to help you establish the foundations for a successful practice. Tune in to Episode 268 of The Best Practices Show for his tips and advice!

Main Takeaways:

  • You can't always be the hero. Ask for help!
  • Find mentors! And don't always wait for the mentor to find you.
  • Work in the best interest of the patient.
  • Know your limitations.
  • Enjoy what you're doing.
  • Build a great experience for your patients.
  • Understand why you do what you do.
  • Immerse yourself in education beyond dental school.


  • (05:09—05:22) “If you start realizing that, yes, you are going to fail at times — and that's okay; you're going to make mistakes; not everybody is going to like you; then you're going to have a successful practice, or at least the foundation for a successful practice.” 
  • (09:03—09:09) “If you focus your practice around the patient rather than yourself, that's another key to success.”
  • (11:38—11:44) “Don't just rely on what dental school taught you. Start taking some advanced classes in these procedures that you may want to do.” 
  • (12:55—13:02)  “I do not enjoy molar endo, and I cannot do it in a time-efficient manner. So, you know what? It goes elsewhere.”
  • (14:01—14:08)  “In order to succeed in any business, you have to be an effective communicator. 
  • (18:59—19:10)  “It’s all about building a great experience for your patients. And part of that experience is the technology you have, but it’s also part of knowing what you can do really well and what you can't.” 
  • (19:24—19:27) “People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” 


  • Dr. Duplantis’ background. (02:18—03:11)
  • Lessons learned from practice. (03:47—05:22)
  • Importance of finding mentors. (05:56—09:28)
  • Being a “jack of all trades” in practice. (10:17—12:32)
  • Enjoy what you're doing. (12:39—13:23)
  • Evolution of a dentist. (13:54—16:53)
  • His influences. (17:40—19:53)
  • Seattle Study Club Symposium. (21:00—23:31)
  • His topic at Seattle Study Club. (23:41—24:35)
  • Evolution of materials in dentistry. (24:51—25:48)
  • Benefits of Seattle Study Club. (26:25—28:06)
  • Advice for young dentists. (28:43—31:14)
  • Read Simon Sinek's Books - Start with Why and The Infinite Game

Reach out to Dr. Duplantis:

Our Guest's Bio:

Dr. Duplantis has been in practice for the past 20 years in Northeast Tarrant County. Dr. Duplantis and Dr. Kirkham began their partnership in September of 2003. Together, their practice consists of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Their practice caters to patients of all ages.

Dr. Duplantis takes several hours of continuing education each year to improve his clinical skills. Dr. Duplantis has completed both the Advanced and Masters series at the Center for Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry in Dallas, Texas. He also served as teaching faculty for the course for a few years following. This course was very intensive, yet very rewarding. Dr. Duplantis hopes that the knowledge he has gained will benefit the oral health of his patients. Dr. Duplantis has also served as a consultant and key opinion leader for several dental manufacturers. In this capacity, Dr. Duplantis is privileged to stay ahead of the curve and learn about the latest developments in dentistry. Recently, Dr. Duplantis has been lecturing nationally on various aspects of Digital and CAD/CAM Dentistry, Restorative Implant Dentistry, and other topics. He has been published in numerous dental journals.

Dr. Duplantis is a participant in the Save-a-Smile dental program, a volunteer at Mission Arlington, Christina’s Smile Dental Program, and White’s Chapel Dental Charity Dental Clinic. These programs all provide dental care to underprivileged children and adults in Tarrant County and beyond.

In his spare time, Dr. Duplantis enjoys spending time with his wife, Ellen, son, Austin, and daughter, Ava. They are all very active in their local church and various other activities. Dr. Duplantis is an avid cyclist. He rides both recreationally and competitively.


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