Episode #275: The Current State of Education in Dentistry

education the best practices show podcast Feb 15, 2021


Episode #275 with Dr. Wael Garine

Learning continues beyond the classroom. And especially in a profession like dentistry, it’s important to stay current with studies, advancements, techniques, and new products. Today, Kirk Behrendt invites Dr. Wael Garine, a passionate speaker and teacher of continuing education. He is also the director of operations at Seattle Study Club and will teach you how to take part in continuing education so that you can provide patients with the best possible oral care. Don't let your dental practices become outdated! Listen to Episode 275 of The Best Practices Show for more!

Main Takeaways:

  • There is a lot more to learn after dental school!
  • Learn from verified sources such as Seattle Study Club.
  • Stay up to date with research, products, and techniques.
  • Be a speaker that is authentic, down-to-earth, and gives applicable advice. 
  • Be a speaker that teaches people to be predictable, efficient, and practical.


  • “You are going to be as good as the people that you associate yourself with . . . and the same thing goes with education. We are going to be as good as the dental education entity that we are associating ourselves with.” (07:54—08:23)
  • “Dentistry is one of the strongest professions . . . If you want to know how the economy is doing, ask your dentist.” (22:16—22:28)
  • “The best people that I learn from are people who are very down-to-earth and meet us at the same level. They're not coming from above; they're coming more from the same level from where we’re coming from.” (31:35—31:45)
  • “To me, a good goal for me as a speaker is, I want to speak about something, and I would hope that everybody in the audience will take something from my talk and be able to apply that the next day in their practice.” (32:03—32:13)
  • “What we should expect to see is that digital learning is going to be there more than it was before . . . However, I know down in my heart, this is not going to overtake the face-to-face education that we love to do and thrive on.” (33:59—34:27)
  • “There is room for digital; there's no question about that, and I think the pandemic showed us that. But I do believe that in the future, education is going to be in person with a little bit of eLearning.” (35:12—35:22)
  • “You don't know what you're missing. You definitely don't know what you're missing until you come and see what's going to happen at Seattle Study Club Symposium. You absolutely will miss a great, great opportunity to see phenomenal speakers that will be very, very difficult to see in person over the next five or ten years.” (36:04—36:21)


  • Dr. Garine’s background. (03:10—04:14)
  • What is Seattle Study Club? (04:52—08:42)
  • Seattle Study Club Annual Symposium. (08:43—10:47)
  • Symposium for non-club members. (11:14—13:56)
  • Current state of continuing education. (15:17—17:52)
  • COVID-19 meeting guidelines. (18:58—21:10)
  • Challenges on the trade side of things. (21:35—23:56)
  • Trends in continuing education post COVID-19. (24:12—24:56)
  • Tools in virtual education. (25:31—27:18)
  • The Symposium platform. (28:39—30:30)
  • Advice for prospective speakers. (31:09—33:13)
  • The future of continuing education. (33:58—35:41)
  • Last thoughts. (36:04—37:20)

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