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Episode #279: Right People, Right Seats with Christina Byrne

the best practices show podcast Mar 01, 2021

You want to find the right people for your practice, but how do you find them? To answer that question, Kirk Behrendt chats with Christina Byrne to share lessons on creating the best conditions to attract the best people for the right seats. Don't waste time figuring out the how! Focus on finding the who using tips from Episode 279 of The Best Practices Show!

Main Takeaways:

With the right people in the right seats, you will be more productive and less stressed.

Create the best conditions to attract the best people.

Be clear. The clearer you are, the less problems you will have.

Know your core values and focus.

Create a function accountability chart.

Focus on finding the who rather than figuring out the how.

The right people share your core values.

The right people GWC — they get it, they want it, and they have the capacity to do it.

Give people a chance to succeed.


“One of the most important lessons [Peter Dawson] ever taught me — and I can still see his eyes when he said it — he said, ‘Kirk, you need to understand. When you have the right people, you can produce twice as much in half the time with a quarter of the stress.’” (07:14—07:27)

“Another thing I'll never forget as long as [Peter] lived — and as long as I live — is he would say, ‘Money is the byproduct. You get the right people in the right seats, or you do dentistry for the right reasons, and any dentist can make plenty of money. And they’ll never have to worry about money because they’ll be creating so much value.’ And I found that to be absolutely true.” (07:36—07:58)

“The clients that we coach, I find the ones that really care about what they do, they always do extremely well. The ones that just need money, I worry about them because it’s the money that's the focus and it’s not the people.” (07:59—08:11)

“Find the greatest people ever. Find the right people, put them in the right seats. You'll be good for the rest of your life.” (08:34—08:39)

“When you find the right chairside assistant, it changes your life not in a month but in about a minute.” (08:49—08:56)

“People always ask us, ‘How do you find the right people?’ Well, you don't. They find you — for the most part.” (10:06—10:12)

“Nobody ever quits a dental office. They quit a person.” (10:50—10:53)

“Patrick Lencioni says in his book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team — it’s my favorite quote in the entire book, and I absolutely believe this to be true — if you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry.” (19:51—20:07)

“When it’s everyone’s job, it’s nobody’s job . . . In a business, you've got to clearly delineate and outline who does what.” (26:32—26:44)

“When you stick to your core values, you're always going to be okay.” (32:06—32:08)

“Dan Sullivan, who’s a great coach of mine, said this, ‘Stop trying to figure out the how. Just try to find the who.’ And I found that to be true, because the who can do this way better than you can trying to figure out the how.” (35:58—36:10)

“When your core values don't line up with another human being, it never, ever, ever, ever, ever works . . . You have to tell people what you care about, which attracts other people that care about the same things. The wrong people, they're not bad people. They just don't share your value system.” (37:22—37:58)


The importance of having the right people in the right seats. (03:09—04:20)

Some lessons learned. (06:12—08:11)

The secret to dentistry. (08:12—10:12)

Create the best conditions to attract the best people. (10:12—11:51)

There are four conditions. (11:52—17:34)

The fundamental problem most dentists make. (17:35—20:18)

Eight questions to help clarify your vision. (20:18—23:22)

Have a plan and keep it simple. (23:23—25:13)

The bottleneck is never at the bottle. (25:14—27:43)

Getting the seats right. (27:43—30:28)

Having core values in place. (30:29—32:08)

Being clear in your core values. (32:41—35:03)

Find the who rather than the how. (35:03—39:13)

The right people GWC (get it, want it, have the capacity). (39:14—42:54)

Review and suggestions. (42:55—45:57)

Give people three chances to succeed. (45:58—48:45)

Last thoughts. (48:45—50:02)

Further Reading:

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni https://www.amazon.com/Five-Dysfunctions-Team-Leadership-Fable/dp/0787960756

Traction by Gino Wickman https://www.amazon.com/Traction-Get-Grip-Your-Business-ebook/dp/B007QWLLV2

 Christina Byrne's bio:

Christina Byrne has been involved in dentistry since 1985. Over the years she
has held many positions on the dental team including dental assistant, business
office, and dental hygienist. Christina’s extensive knowledge of the front office
and clinical procedures is a great asset and she loves to impart her knowledge
to guide dental teams do the best they can to achieve a Better Practice Better

“One of the many unique things I love about ACT Dental is that we put as much
emphasis on improving the culture of the practice as increasing the profitability.
That is not to say we don’t have a keen sense of the financial health of the practice
but what we have learned time and time again is that when you do what’s right for
yourself, your team, and your patients, the money will follow!”

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