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Weekly Roundup - What's Happening at ACT Dental this week - March 2nd

Mar 01, 2021

ACT Dental Weekly Roundup

Sometimes we have the right people on our team but they're not in the right seats or we might have the wrong people, but the right seats - check out what I mean by that in our replay of our Right People, Right Seats webinar!

What's Coming Up in ACT U

Patients flow through the office from location to location and team member to team member, join us on Friday to learn how to make those transitions, or handoffs, flow seamlessly for the patient.  Dr. Barrett Straub and Christina Byrne will show you how to provide your patient with an exceptional experience!  BRING YOUR TEAM to this Master Class! 

Upcoming Schedule 

  • February 26th - Dr. Nate Lawson - Advanced Topics in Zirconia
  • March 5th - Christina Byrne & Dr. Barrett Straub The Ultimate Patient Experience - Elegant Handoffs & Great Questions
  • March 12th - Joshua Austin - Our Chamfered Psyche: The Mental Dental Connection
  • March 19th -Dental Assisting Workshop - Dr. Daren Becker 
  • March 26th - Dr. Marco Brindis - Life Restored - Comprehensive Solutions for the Fully Edentulous Patient
  • April 2nd - Kirk Behrendt - The 5 Steps for More Fee-For-Service and Less PPO
  • April 9th - Dr. Bill Robbins & Dr. Jim Otten - The Secrets to Success (and Failure) in Global Diagnosis Treatment Planning
  • April 16th - Dr. Kevin Groth - The Secrets to Building Your Ideal Practice
  • April 23rd - Dr. Christian Coachman - Advanced Topics in Digital Smile Design
  • April 30th - Dr. Nader Sharifi - Implants & RPDs are a Challenging Combination
  • May 7th - Kirk Behrendt - The 5 Secret Numbers to a Profitable Dental Practice
  • May 14th - Dr. Taiseer Sulaiman - Ceramic Partial Coverage Restorations - Criteria for Clinical Success
  • May 21st - Angela Bewley - The Dynamic Treatment Coordinator

In Case You Missed It

Dr. Nate Lawson joined ACT U last week to teach us about "Advanced Topics in Zirconia."  When you watch this course, you will see Nate's passion and love for this topic and his style makes it contagious!  ACT U Members can watch this course from Friday, as well as his previous lecture on "Bioactive Materials" here.  

Coaching Tip

Practice Makes Perfect

Christina and Barrett are going to cover the topic of elegant handoffs this Friday and this is an example of a system that needs to be "PRACTICED."  Make sure that you have time set aside, hopefully in your regular team meeting, to run through these scenarios.  Often we learn great ideas during these courses, but don't always set aside time for implementation.  

Angela Heathman, RDH & ACT Practice Coach

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