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At ACT Dental, our blog is your one-stop destination for the latest insights, strategies, and tips to help you grow your dental practice and achieve a better work-life balance. Stay up-to-date on industry trends, best practices, and expert advice by exploring our diverse articles and resources.
One secret to a better practice is better scheduling. When you can reduce your cancellations, you will have better days, a happier team, and become more profitable. You can do exactly that with seven essential steps, and Kirk Behrendt brings back Robyn Theisen, an amazing ACT coach, to share how to incorporate them into your office. With a few changes to your verbal skills and mindset, you can start saving more appointments! To learn how, listen to Episode 559 of The Best Practices Show!
In this podcast episode, Dr. Marcos Vargas discusses the increasing shift towards digital dentistry and the challenges dentists face in adopting this technology. He highlights the growing interest in digital dentistry from both young and older generations of dental professionals, but acknowledges the difficulties in determining the right time to invest in new technology.
Are you a dentist constantly battling fatigue, stress, and feeling overwhelmed at work? You're not alone. Introducing our latest blog: "Breaking the Chains of Burnout in Dentistry". Discover why dentists are reluctant to admit burnout and how hustle culture has contributed to the problem. Learn how embracing vulnerability and addressing burnout can make you a stronger leader, ultimately benefiting both you and your team. It's time to acknowledge that burnout is not a sign of weakness, but an opportunity for growth and improvement.
Numbers can be awkward and uncomfortable, but you need to talk about them with your team. There are many advantages to doing it, and Kirk Behrendt brings back two amazing ACT coaches, Heather Crockett and Courtney Dalton, to highlight eight of them that you need to know. If you want results, it starts with numbers! To learn the benefits of knowing, tracking, and reporting on your numbers, listen to Episode 557 of The Best Practices Show!
Asking for money is one of the hardest things to do in a dental practice, but it’s also one of the most important things. There’s a stigma associated with asking patients for money, and it can be an uncomfortable position to be in, so we’re sometimes afraid to collect. What makes it even more difficult, however, is that we often don’t know the right words to use. When you learn to Say This, Not That, however, it opens up the door to some amazing verbal skills that will help you get on the path to collecting what you’re owed.
Insurance is all so confusing — and it’s not the dentist’s fault! To provide guidance and help you figure out the PPO landscape, Kirk Behrendt brings in Sandi Hudson, founder of Unlock the PPO, to demystify PPO trends and explain what you need to know about insurance participation. More practices than ever are dropping their plans. Maybe it’s time for you! To do it with the help of an expert, listen to Episode 556 of The Best Practices Show!
With new technology and advanced procedures, you can give patients better results faster and easier than ever. Dentistry is evolving, and to highlight the importance of 3D imaging and Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Drew McDonald with advice for maximizing case outcomes and preventing the results that you and your patients don't want. Stop hiding in the past with 2D! To hear how 3D will help increase your patients’ quality of life, listen to Episode 555 of The Best Practices Show!
Discover the difference between being busy and being productive in this insightful blog post. Learn how to shift your mindset and focus on intentional scheduling for greater efficiency and success. Say goodbye to the "busy badge" and embrace productivity today!
Airway is profitable. So, why aren't more dentists adding it to their practice? To reveal the common reasons why dentists don't succeed and what you can do differently, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Tracey Nguyễn, co-founder of ASAP Pathway, with advice for overcoming the challenges in this space. Adding airway will help your practice grow — as long as you do it right! To learn how to make airway profitable in your dental practice, listen to Episode 554 of The Best Practices Show!
You work incredibly hard, so it’s frustrating when your compensation doesn’t equal the effort you put in. If you want to improve the outcomes in your practice, you need to improve the conditions, and one method of doing so is making sure you’re billing your full fee. Many dentists think they’re billing their full fee, but they’re not, and it harms their ability to make decisions about their practice.

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