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Apr 19, 2021

ACT Dental Weekly Roundup April 20, 2021

Hiring great team members continues to be one of the most pressing challenges facing dental teams today. Save the date and join Kirk on Wednesday, April 28th at 7:00 pm CT for our next free webinar, "How to Navigate The Hiring Nightmare." Register here

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Coming Up In ACT U

We are excited to have a new face in ACT U this Friday, Dr. Marcela Alvarez will be presenting "Restoratively Guided Orthodontic Treatment:  The Ortho-Restorative Interface."  She will discuss how to effectively communicate with an orthodontist to achieve optimum results for your restorative/orthodontic patients, pre-orthodontic bonding, and options for missing maxillary laterals.  You don't want to miss this one!

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Upcoming Schedule

  • April 23rd - Dr. Marcela Alvarez - Restoratively Guided Orthodontic Treatment: The Ortho-Restorative Interface
  • April 30th - Dr. Nader Sharifi - Implants & RPDs are a Challenging Combination
  • May 7th - Kirk Behrendt - Waking Up From The Hiring Nightmare: The Secrets to Onboarding & Retaining Rockstar Team Members
  • May 14th - TBD
  • May 21st - Dr. Eric Jones & Angela Bewley - The Dynamic Treatment Coordinator
  • May 28th - No Class - Memorial Weekend
  • June 4th - Dr. Newton Fahl
  • June 11th - Dr. Tom Viola
  • June 18th - Dr. Rebecca Bockow
  • June 25th - Mr. Kirk Behrendt

In Case You Missed It

Dr. Kevin Groth presented his "Secret to Creating Your Dream Practice" in ACT U last week.  Members can watch the replay and download the handouts here.  

Remember, if you missed attending the live Master Class, you can watch the recording and take the quiz to earn CE credits.  

Practice Coaching Tip


If you attended Dr. Kevin Groth's Master Class on Friday, you may have been motivated to craft your own vision.  Not sure where to start?  Check out our coaching guide to help you create your own vision.

The vision is an internal document used to motivate and keep the doctor and team on track. It is the standard by which all activities and decisions within the practice should be measured against. Ask yourself - is this activity or decision going to bring us closer to what we say we want or further away? If the answer is closer, then the activity or decision should be carried out; if the answer is further away, then the discussion becomes moot. A clear vision not only increases productivity, it increases energy.

-ACT Dental Coaches 

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