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ACT Year in Review

betterpracticebetterlife celebrate chefstable core values fun kirk memories morning huddle swag teamwork the best practices show podcast ttt Dec 26, 2022

A lot happened in 2022. You made it through the hard times, and you committed to delivering exceptional patient care. One thing’s for sure—this past year wasn’t perfect. Maybe you fell short of a goal or had to let go of a team member. 2023 provides a fresh start, but all you can think about is the bad stuff from last year.
Your life is a book called opportunity. January is a new chapter, and you get to write it.
Don’t worry if your story is flawed. Nobody wants to read about a perfect hero who does everything right. That would be a very boring book! Stories are supposed to have ups and downs. It’s how you move forward that matters the most.
Think of all the blank pages that lie ahead of you. Every chapter is a chance to take control and make your life better. Don’t let previous chapters dictate your future. You get to decide what you want to accomplish!
You write the book. The book doesn’t write you.
Need some post-holiday motivation? This quick video will get you pumped for the next chapter.
Let’s make 2023 a good one!

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