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Breaking the Chains of Burnout in Dentistry

Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed and miserable at work? Sounds like a case of burnout. Dentists get burned out all the time, and they’re afraid to admit it. You’ve probably said “it’s fine” when it’s really not fine.

Hustle culture tells us to ignore burnout. We’re taught to embrace the toxic hustle and keep pushing forward, even when we desperately need a break. We’ve come to believe that admitting burnout is a sign of weakness. Every dentist wants to be a strong leader, and in doing so, they neglect their own needs.

It’s time we call out the burnout.

Admitting burnout means being vulnerable. Vulnerability and weakness are not the same thing. In fact, being vulnerable takes courage! Make your team members aware of burnout. When you put a name to what you’re feeling, you can take steps toward improving your mental health. And so can your team.

There’s nothing wrong with you. Hustle culture is what needs to change.

Every dental team needs to talk about burnout. If you look closely, you might notice it in your own practice. Watch this video [INSERT LINK] with your team to get the conversation started.


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