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Feb 16, 2021

The Weekly Roundup - Tuesday, February 16, 2021

We're so excited to bring an amazing course to ACT U this week for our hygienists!  Read below for more information about Friday's course with Katrina Sanders.  

Also, have you ever been 100% certain that a patient will commit to your treatment plan, only to find out later the patient left the office without scheduling?  Check out our blog about Expectations - Reality = Failed Treatment Plan Acceptance. 

I'm presenting a free webinar this week and would love for you to attend!!  It's about "How To Get The Right People In The Right Seats."  Sometimes we have great team members, but they're not sitting in the right seats OR we might have the right seat, but the wrong team member - learn the difference on Wednesday at 8:00 ET.  Register here!



This Friday, we are hosting a special guest, Katrina Sanders, at ACT Dental University.  Bring your hygiene team to this course!


For this hygiene course, you do not need to be an ACT U member to participate in this Master Class lecture by Katrina Sanders.  You can register for this one specific course here.  


Upcoming Schedule 

  • February 19th - Hygiene Workshop - Katrina Sanders -  Local Anesthesia Techniques, Trends & Troubleshooting
  • February 26th - Dr. Nate Lawson - Advanced Topics in Zirconia
  • March 5th - Christina Byrne & Dr. Barrett Straub - Elegant Handoffs
  • March 12th - Joshua Austin - Our Chamfered Psyche: The Mental Dental Connection
  • March 19th -Dental Assisting Workshop - Dr. Daren Becker 
  • March 26th - Dr. Marco Brindis - Clinical Master Class


If you missed it last week, ACT U members can check out the recording of the Master Class by Orthodontist, Dr. Drew Ferris.   Remember, you can get CE credits by taking the assessment after the course - even if you missed the live lecture.  


Accommodating Teachers and Student Schedules

Many of our offices see patients from 7:00-3:00 and when teams first transition to this type of schedule they often panic about where they will put their kids, teachers, and other patients who can't take time off easily.  Remember to block days off like yesterday, President's Day, JUST FOR THEM.  Make sure Mr. Retired Patient isn't scheduled that day just because it happens to be exactly six months.  Move him to a different day and save that spot for your students and teachers.  Not only will you have more time blocked to see them, but the admin team will be able to clearly communicate that "yes, we are changing our hours, and we've blocked specific days for our students and teachers to have first priority."  Do this with other days too that school is off for teacher in-service etc.  Many schools publish their schedule a year in advance - block them now!

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