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Don't Be the Coast Guard with Patients

communication morning huddle new patients teamwork May 02, 2022

I heard this a long time ago from a great speaker in dentistry (Dr. John Kois). He said something to the effect that "You don't have to be the Coast Guard in dentistry." I laughed out loud when I heard that. It is so true!

Dentistry is your thing. If you could give everyone a pristine smile, you would. But you can’t help every person in town. You’ll waste time chasing people who want nothing to do with your practice. They’re not a good fit for you! With some people, a relationship is never gonna happen.

Saving everyone is the Coast Guard’s job, not yours. They’re required to help those in danger, regardless of who they are. You have the luxury of choosing who you want to save. Stay away from patients who are chronically late and never pay. The same goes for those who don’t appreciate your team or exceptional service.

If you chase these patients, you’re bound to come up empty-handed. The ones that do stick around will only drag down your practice. Remember, more isn’t always better. A practice is way more profitable when you serve a handful of quality patients.

Don’t sacrifice yourself saving people who don’t want help. The fine people rowing down the Milwaukee River certainly don’t want my help! Watch this video with your team to see what it looks like when you play the Coast Guard.

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