Don’t know where to start when setting goals this year?

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2021

In the next two weeks, we tackle GOAL SETTING and MARKETING.  Please join us so we can help you get off to a great start in 2021.  Listen above and read below for more information. 


Don't know where to start in setting your 2021 goals?

Does your team dislike numeric goals?

Have goals actually proven de-motivating in the past?

Have you struggled with tracking and following through with practice goals in the past?

If so, join me this Friday as I walk you through "The Ultimate Goal Setting Process" from start to finish.  We will give you a blueprint for strategic planning as well as take-home best practices for setting your 2021 goals and using them successfully to guide and motivate your team.  Those of you joining us will want to download and print this Strategic Planning Tool out in advance to following along this Friday.  In addition, anyone that missed last week's blog post on S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals needs to see this

You won't want to miss our marketing workshop next Friday.  Did you know that you don't have to be an ACT U member to attend?  Those who aren't yet ACT U Members can register for Xana Winans marketing Master Class, "Quick Fixes & Long Term Solutions for New Patient Growth" here.  

Upcoming Schedule

January 15th - Kirk Behrendt & ACT Coaches - The Ultimate Goal Setting Process

January 22nd - Xana Winans - Quick Fixes & Long Term Solutions for New Patient Growth

January 29th - Dr. John Cranham - The Digital Dilemma: If, When, and How to Get Involved - Where is This All Going?

February 5th - Kirk Behrendt & ACT Coaches

February 12th - Dr. Drew Ferris - Osseous Anchorage and Aligners: Advancing Interdisciplinary Treatment

February 19th - Leigh Ann Faight & ACT Coaches - Hygiene Workshop

February 26th - Dr. Nate Lawson - Advanced Topics in Zirconia

March 5th - Kirk Behrendt & ACT Coaches - Elegant Handoffs

March 12th - Clinical Master Class

March 19th - Dental Assisting Workshop

March 26th - Dr. Marco Brindis - Clinical Master Class


Last week Dr. Brian Schroder joined  ACT U.  Watch Dr. Schroder's recording here.  In this motivational and inspiring Master Class, he expounds on the importance of not having a myopic mindset when we are examining the way in which we treatment plan and view our dental cases in the context of how to incorporate better interdisciplinary care.

One other thing!  Did you know that ACT U has an app?  You can catch up on all of the past Master Classes while on the go.  Here are the links to the Kajabi Apple App or Kajabi Android App.


One quick and easy way to build your team into one filled with leaders rather than one filled with employees is by simply asking one question.  Any time a team member comes to you with a question, replay by saying, "Good question, what do you think?"  Asking this makes the team member a participant in the solution rather than just a messenger.  As the dentist, you should eventually answer the question and give guidance, but asking them to participate in the creation of possible solutions does two things.  

  1. This will help train your team to build their own capacity and skill in solving problems.
  2. Eventually, your team will come to you with fewer questions as they are better able to problem-solve on their own.

-Barrett Straub, DDS, ACT Faculty


Multiple Choice!  What best describes your struggles with setting goals in your practice?

Let us know in our ACT U Community here or on our Facebook page, Best Practices Powered by ACT Dental, here.