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Fix the Problem at the Roots

Picture the tree growing next to your home. One day, you go outside to inspect it. You notice little diseased spots on some of the leaves. So, you trim them off. A few weeks go by, and the leaves grow back the exact same way. You can’t get rid of the problem!

Your practice is like that tree. If you don’t treat the symptoms, the problem will just keep coming back. Slapping on a Band-Aid doesn’t actually fix anything. You’ll be stuck dealing with the same problem over and over again.

The problem isn’t at the leaves. The problem is at the roots.

You have the most control over your practice at the roots. The farther you go up the tree, the less control you have. You can’t solve every problem, but you CAN prevent them from happening in the first place.

Tending to the roots is how you prevent problems. It’s also how you stop problems from cropping back up. The positive change you’re looking for starts at the roots!

And remember, the ACT team is always here to support you. We love helping dentists tend to the roots of their practices. Watch our latest video to learn how YOU can make your practice grow into a healthy, beautiful tree!


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