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Get Good At Changing People’s Batteries

I bet there’s at least one flashlight in your home. When the light does dim, you don’t throw it away, do you? Of course not—you just change the batteries.

People are much the same. We all go through some rough patches in our lives. One day, you might walk into your practice and notice that someone’s light is a little dim. That doesn’t mean you should cast them aside. They just need some new batteries.

What does that look like, exactly? Every person needs a different set of batteries. Those batteries could be sympathy, acceptance, compassion or something else. For some people, all they need you to do is sit and listen.

We all need to change our batteries at some point. But we can’t do it alone. When the time comes, we have to be there for each other. Share your light with the people around you, and soon, they’ll start to shine bright again.

Supporting each other is a team effort. Share this short message with your team as a reminder to help change each other’s batteries.


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