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How to Find Your Next Hygienist on Indeed

Careers in dentistry seem to be continually changing, and this past year has increased the pace exponentially. This shift has also created a new intensity in the hiring world.

Many hygienists left the profession for varying reasons, but not all of them have disappeared. How do you find the best hygienists and convince them to come work for you?

Create an Ad on Indeed

When was the last time you created an ad on Indeed? According to Indeed’s website, they deliver 65% of all hires made in the US from online sources. That’s an impressive number.

Posting on Indeed will also often place your ad in the top results when a local hygienist enters “hygienist jobs near me” in their search engine. You will see more applicants close to the office with this method as well.

Find a “Hidden” Gem

Oftentimes an individual will sign up for updates of new available jobs in their area. This is common for employees actively seeking a job. When they do this, they receive email notifications of new job postings, even after they have already accepted employment elsewhere. Unless they have unsubscribed, there are many hygienists currently employed that aren’t actively looking for a new job, but still receiving updated Indeed ads. Although employed, if you create the right job post, they will be intrigued and want to know more.

Creating the Perfect Indeed Ad

The content in your ad matters. If you take the time to perfect it, you will receive more applicants for the job. You can make an amazing post using the tips we shared on our blog here. Kirk says “Specific is terrific and vague is the plague”, be sure you are intentional with your wording. If you are hiring part-time vs. full-time, don’t leave that or other details out. Test your applicants with specific instructions, if they can’t follow them now, chances are they won’t when they’re hired.

Your Website Should Match your Ad Claims

Once they have been exposed to your ad, these hygienists will soon perform a search of your practice online. The content in your ad should reflect your online presence and what you stand for. How is your practice website? Are your core values apparent? Is it up to date? Is it easy to navigate? Do you have updated photos and bios of your team? In addition to your website, how are your social media platforms reflecting your core values? Great hygienists do their homework before sending their resume, especially if they are content at a current job.

What Hygienists Consider When Searching for a New Job/Employer

  • Fair compensation based on experience and performance
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Close to home
  • Staff appreciation
  • Benefits beyond hourly wage/or salary
  • Office reputation
  • Equipment and instruments provided
  • A fun place to work

You can use some of these to your advantage when writing your ad. Remember to be honest about what you offer your team members. Doing your own homework to set yourself apart from other ads can boost yours as well. Search and read other local dental hygienist ads on Indeed. What separates yours from the rest could be something on this list that you and your team have perfected.


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