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KPI’s How to Keep People Interested

How close are you to achieving your goals? You probably have a general idea of how much progress you’ve made. But chances are, you don’t know exactly how much progress you’ve made. You might feel like you’re close to your goals, but your team might feel like they’re far away from those goals.

Feelings are too vague. You need to turn subjective feelings into objective numbers.

Yep, that’s right. I’m talking about KPIs.

Now hold on a second! I know numbers make it seem like your practice is all about money. Let me tell you this: it’s okay to talk about money. I’ve spent too much of my career avoiding the subject. You NEED money, and KPIs can help you get more of it.

KPIs do so much more than measure money. They create clarity and tell you exactly where you are. The “I” in KPI doesn’t just stand for indicator. It stands for informed, interested and inspired. You need KPIs to keep everyone engaged and create a healthy environment!

Not convinced? You will be after watching this short video about why KPIs are important.


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