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Make it a YOU Monday!

coching discipline goals kirk morning huddle new year resolutions optimistic practice systems Jan 16, 2023

The post-holiday slump is here. Yeah, we all saw this coming. We’re past New Years, and now it’s back to the grind. Returning to work after a long vacation is hard enough. But the real obstacle is coming up: Blue Monday.
Now you might be wondering, “What’s Blue Monday?” Blue Monday is typically the third Monday in January. The holidays are over. You’ve broken your resolutions. And you’re sick of this gosh darn winter!
Dentists face Blue Monday every year. And what do they say? “I’ll just try harder.”
Spoiler alert: that’s not gonna work! You can’t muscle your way out of Blue Monday. Motivation means nothing if you don’t have a plan to sustain it. Systems will get you through Blue Monday, not sheer willpower alone.
Want my advice? Team up with a coach. They’ll keep you motivated and focused on achieving your long-term goals. Once Blue Monday passes, your coach will be right by your side the whole rest of the year. And it WILL pass, trust me!
Need a little pick-me-up? Watch this video about Blue Monday with your team. Let’s turn Blue Monday into YOU Monday!

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