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Taking Small Steps to Achieve Big Goals

You’ve got big goals for your practice. You don’t want your team to look at those goals and think, “I’ll never get there!” I’ll be honest—the road ahead is long, and there’ll be challenges along the way. Dentists often see that and get discouraged. They might even question whether they have what it takes to reach their goals at all.

You don’t have to achieve big goals in one leap. Start with small steps!

Small steps build confidence. They take a big goal and break it into manageable chunks. After a while, you’ll notice that all those small steps add up to huge progress. You and the team will be able to look back at how far you’ve come.

When you take small steps, that big goal doesn’t seem so scary after all!

Remember to take your time. You might be tempted to skip steps in order to reach your goal faster. You’ll have to go back and repeat those steps, which means it’ll take even longer to reach your goal. Be patient—you WILL get there in the end!

Achieving big goals is a lot like taking the stairs to the top of a tall building (and we made a video to prove it).

Just don’t get distracted along the way like I did!


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