Weekly Roundup - What's Happening at ACT Dental - February 9th

Feb 08, 2021

Take a look at our schedule below for some updates and exciting announcements to our first quarter Master Class lineup!  We heard you loud and clear that you would like more team training and we've updated our schedule to include great Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting courses coming up soon!!


This Friday, we are hosting a special guest, Dr. Drew Ferris, in ACT Dental University.  He will be discussing how the advancements in anchorage and aligners can result in superior patient outcomes.  


For next week's hygiene course, you do not need to be an ACT U member to participate in the Master Class lecture by Katrina Sanders.  You can register for this one specific course here.  


Upcoming Schedule 

  • February 12th - Dr. Drew Ferris - Osseous Anchorage and Aligners: Advancing Interdisciplinary Treatment
  • February 19th - Hygiene Workshop - Katrina Sanders -  Local Anesthesia Techniques, Trends & Troubleshooting
  • February 26th - Dr. Nate Lawson - Advanced Topics in Zirconia
  • March 5th - Christina Byrne & Dr. Barrett Straub - Elegant Handoffs
  • March 12th - Clinical Master Class
  • March 19th -Dental Assisting Workshop - Dr. Daren Becker 
  • March 26th - Dr. Marco Brindis - Clinical Master Class


If you missed it last week, ACT U members can check out the recording of my Master Class "How To Get The Right People In the Right Seats."  Log into your library to access the "People Analyzer" tool. 


Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Last week I was talking with my 14-year-old daughter about confidence and encouraging her to have a little more.  I found it difficult to describe what the right amount of confidence is.  We all know what too much confidence looks like and what too little looks like.  Neither are helpful qualities.  I finally found the right words in the phrase, “be comfortable in your own skin.” Someone with this level of self-esteem feels good about who they are, doesn’t need lots of approval from others, nor needs to tell others how great they are.  This is that fine line between humility and confidence that is difficult to walk.  

We at ACT Dental firmly believe in Patrick Lencioni’s vulnerability-based trust as the foundation for a healthy team culture.  As always, this should start with the leader.  I like to call this hard to define leadership quality “humility based leadership.”  This leader is strong but humble, leads by example, not words.  Being comfortable in their own skin, they are willing to admit fault, mistakes, and ask for help when they need it. This is the type of leader I strive to be because it is exactly the type of leader I myself find easy to follow.

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