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Why Right People Right Seat Matters

fun kirk morning huddle organization problem solving right people right seats Mar 13, 2023

You’ve brought the right people onto your team. Now the question is: are they in the right seats?

A lot of dentists hire the right people, then put them in the wrong seats. You could have the most talented, hard-working team members in the world. But if they’re in the wrong seats, your practice isn’t going to function very well.

This is NOT something you should ignore. The problem isn’t gonna get better on its own! Putting people in the wrong seats can drain their energy. Your team members won’t be able to reach their fullest potential, either. And, to be honest, they’re gonna be kind of miserable.

You have to put the right people in the right seats!

Take the front desk for example. You need someone who isn’t afraid to ask patients for money. If your current receptionist is uncomfortable talking about money, that doesn’t mean they’re a bad team member. It just means they’re in the wrong seat!

Put team members where their strengths lie. Your practice will run a lot more smoothly, and everyone will get to do what they enjoy. Don’t be afraid to switch things up!

This concept is so important, we decided to make a video about it. Be sure to check out the video with your team. I’m sure they can all relate!

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