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Why You Gotta Have A Plan

communication kirk morning huddle organization plan Jan 10, 2023

Remember the last time you drove past a construction site? It all seems to come together so
easily. But those workers didn’t just pick up some planks and start building. Their team spent
YEARS planning before they dug a single hole in the ground.

Imagine if construction workers put materials together without a plan. Would you step foot in
that building? I sure wouldn’t!

Your practice is the exact same way. When you don’t have a plan, things don’t work out how
you want them to. The team gets confused, and patients don’t know what to expect. A practice
without a plan is flying blind!

Every successful practice starts with a solid plan. You need a plan for everything, from long-
term growth to tidying up around the office. Have a new hire? Make a plan to train them. Set
some new goals? Make a plan to achieve them.

Planning is far more important than building. Your team will know what their jobs are, where
they’re going and what to expect on the road ahead.

Planning is so important, my team and I decided to make a short video about it.

Go check it out!

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