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Why You Need A Cell Phone Agreement

Imagine this scenario: you just finished an appointment, and now you’re walking the patient to the front desk. They immediately pull out their phone and start texting. Your receptionist asks the patient when they’re available for their next cleaning. The patient doesn’t respond, completely absorbed in their screen. It’s like your receptionist isn’t even there!

Sounds aggravating, right? The truth is, your team does it, too! I bet there are times when a patient checks in at the front desk, and your receptionist is distracted by their phone. We’re all guilty of it—receptionists, hygienists, even dentists look down at their screens instead of being present in the moment.

Think about how you feel when a patient is distracted by their phone. You probably feel ignored and undervalued. Patients feel the same way when team members are on their phones. Phones affect the way patients perceive you and vice versa. Patients and dental teams need to work together to hold each other accountable!

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use cell phones in the office. Instead, decide how they fit into daily life so your team can focus on caring for patients. Work as a team to create a phone agreement that everybody is happy with!

Need a good laugh? Watch this quick 90-second video to see what it would be like if patients and dentists were on their phones all the time!


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