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With No Value There is Only Price

People buy what they want, not what they need. Cruises, Ferraris, designer clothes—these things are all super expensive! And yet, people buy them anyway. Why? Because their perceived value is incredibly high.

Patients just don’t feel the same way about dental care. When you tell someone they need a new crown, their first thought is, “Well, I don’t want that.” It doesn’t matter how badly they need it. If it doesn’t seem valuable, they don’t want it. And remember, people only buy what they want.

When patients don’t see the value, they only see the price.

The solution? Be confident in the value you provide. You have to convince patients that dental care is one of the best investments EVER. Don’t say, “You need a new crown.” Instead, make it sound like something they want. Tell them it’ll restore their smile or reduce their pain. Fulfill the patient’s wants!

Create perceived value, and patients will pay for it.

Do YOU know the value of dental care? Tune in to our game show to see if contestants can guess the cost of treatments and procedures!


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