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You Can’t Read Minds

You’ve worked with the same people for years. You know them so well, you can practically read their minds! At least, that’s what you like to think. It’s impossible to know exactly what people are thinking. And if you try to guess, you’re gonna make a lot of mistakes.

Let’s say you’re ordering lunch for the team. You know that your receptionist always orders a turkey sandwich. But how do they like it? You assume they want rye bread with extra tomatoes. Turns out, they actually wanted gluten-free bread with NO tomatoes!

It doesn’t matter how well you know someone. You have to write stuff down. If it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist!

Written communication will help you get things right the first time. Writing stuff down eliminates confusion and the need to guess what people are thinking. You’ll also save time and money while maximizing efficiency in your practice. Remember to double check that you wrote down the info correctly!
It’d be great if you could put on a swami hat and know exactly what your team is thinking. The real solution is way easier than that. Just write stuff down!


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