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A Pathway To Excellence

Global Diagnosis Education could be considered just a virtual study club, but is so much more. Specifically, it is also a highly structured continuum based around our global diagnosis system of diagnosing and treatment planning. We will talk about everything from single tooth dentistry to full mouth rehabilitation, with an emphasis on occlusion/TMJ, and most importantly, how to implement this learning. Every lecture will be recorded and placed in our library, which will be available to all members. The continuum will be an ongoing process with the goal of growing interdisciplinary dentistry in your practice.

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Our Vision

“We believe that the talent and skills of the passionate dentist are under-utilized. By simplifying the complex and providing ongoing mentorship, we can create an environment that empowers dentists to practice to their full potential and live enriched, fulfilling lives”.

Our Mission

The mission of Global Diagnosis Education is to provide a unique, online educational continuum with ongoing support and mentorship to a diverse community of dentists who desire to learn a thoughtful, systematic, implementable approach to interdisciplinary dentistry.

Global Dental Community

We want to build a community of engaged learners with the shared goal of providing complete dentistry for our patients.                                                                                                                                                        

Global Diagnosis Academy

The Academy is our core learning curriculum. Global Diagnosis will teach you how to  implement a clear, concise, and thoughtful system to diagnose and treatment plan the interdisciplinary patient. 

Global Diagnosis Mastery

GDE will bring together some of the brightest minds in dentistry to present the latest and best science, techniques, and advanced strategies for implementation in your practice.                                                                      

Would you like to learn how to integrate the connections between Esthetics, Function, Occlusion, TMJ health, and Airway?

Have you ever wondered if there was a predictable and easy system to treatment plan the most complex interdisciplinary cases that you see in your practice?

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