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The ACT mission is simple: we help dentists build a better practice AND a better life. To achieve both, dentists need to reach a certain level of profitability—something that’s increasingly difficult for PPO-dependent practices.

That’s why we’re giving Kleer customers FREE access to our PPO Roadmap. Combined with your Kleer membership plan, the roadmap will help you boost profitability and provide affordable, unrestricted care to patients.

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Fostering a direct relationship with
patients drives BIG results

Patient Visits
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Kleer membership plans create a long-term relationship with your patients and increases their commitment to your practice.
Treatment Acceptance
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With preventive care included, Kleer patients consistently book — and keep — their hygiene appointments.

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The combination of subscription payments and an increase in treatment acceptance drives overall production significantly higher.
*Performance of Kleer patients versus uninsured patients based on PMS data from practices on the platform
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