Experience the ACT Dental Difference

Unlock the Power of Aligned, Smart, and Healthy Teams

Transform your dental practice with ACT Dental’s three-pronged approach to coaching and training, designed to help you create a team that’s Aligned, Smart, and Healthy. Our unique expertise in these areas ensures that you have a well-rounded, high-performing team ready to excel in every aspect of your practice.

Coaching Levels

Discover the perfect coaching solution for your dental practice with our five levels of coaching, designed to meet your unique needs and drive success: Our expert coaching services aim to help you achieve your goals, creating a better practice and a better life for you and your team. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your journey to success.

Level 1

Basecamp (Free)

Embark on your journey towards a superior dental practice and a more fulfilling life with complimentary access to valuable resources, including best practice downloads, checklists, our exclusive Best Practices magazine, and Master Classes led by esteemed dental experts.

Level 2

Best Practices Association (BPA) Membership ($39/month)

Stay up-to-date with industry trends and techniques to elevate your practice. BPA Membership offers exclusive access to an extensive collection of dental best practices content and hundreds of Master Classes delivered by the brightest minds in the dental industry.

Level 3

Dental Entrepreneur Leadership Program (DEP) ($199/month)

Designed for budding dental entrepreneurs, the DEP Leadership Program helps you develop leadership skills and cultivate a dental practice with a healthy culture, exceptional systems, and increased profits so you can grow your practice the right way and enjoy a fulfilling career in dentistry.

Level 4

To The Top Study Club (TTT) ($995/month)

Elevate your practice to unparalleled heights and experience continuous growth throughout your career. The TTT Study Club offers insights into advanced analytics and methodologies employed by the nation’s top dental practices while fostering a collaborative environment for sharing best practices.

Level 5

Pro Coaching Program (Tuition varies, assessment required)

Achieve the utmost success within your dental practice with our Pro Coaching Program. Our expert coach will work closely with you and your team, actively implementing best practices and ensuring consistent progress.