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Avoid These 5 Causes of Burnout

It’s incredibly difficult to find the motivation to work when you’re burning yourself out. More importantly, it starts to affect the...

The Power of “No”

There’s a saying that Kirk frequently uses: “Time is the new rich.” As we move through life, we realize that...

Create Your Culture

Creating a healthy culture in the workplace is crazy important. Your office should be a positive place to work, and...

Let Your Team Hire for You

Finding the right people for your practice is the key to its success. However, since COVID it’s become increasingly difficult...

Know Yourself, Know Your Team

It’s frustrating when your team isn’t getting the results you want, and you may feel it’s time to shake things...

Why The World Needs More Giannis

If you know me, you know I love the Milwaukee Bucks. There’s one player I admire the most, and...
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