Let Your Team Hire for You

Finding the right people for your practice is the key to its success. However, since COVID it’s become increasingly difficult...

Appreciate Your Assistants

There’s a shortage of dental assistants currently—almost to the point of emergency—so finding and keeping good assistants is of the...

Why The World Needs More Giannis

If you know me, you know I love the Milwaukee Bucks. There’s one player I admire the most, and...

Require this When Hiring

Hiring is harder than ever! Want to make it easier on yourself when those resumes start coming in? One of...

Hire Without the Nightmare

Having a great team is the most important factor in running a dental practice. As Dr. Pete Dawson said, “When you...

Delegate and Elevate

Your practice schedule is full, yet you’re noticing flat or decreasing production. You've gathered a group of people that share...

Seat me for Success

Running a business is hard and creating a successful practice takes more than just a visionary with a dream. But...
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