Make Your Data Tell A Story

Your practice is made of data. You need data to identify problems and find solutions. Data is really important, and...

Avoid These 5 Causes of Burnout

It’s incredibly difficult to find the motivation to work when you’re burning yourself out. More importantly, it starts to affect the...

How to Delegate and Elevate

There’s something you need to hear: you’ve got too much on your plate! But it’s not just you—every single member...

How to Get More Organized

Think about your work space for a moment. Is there expired food in the break room? Do you put instruments...

How to Create Great Systems

How do YOU make a paper airplane? I’ve got an exercise for you and the team. Grab a sheet...

5 Zone Checklist

Do you lie awake at night thinking about work? You try to fall asleep, but all you can think about...
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