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Clinical and business education and practice development coaching for practice owner dentists and their teams. All the tools you need to have a financially rewarding career and more time to enjoy life outside the office.

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The Best Practice Show

Free weekly education with  ACT Dental CEO Kirk Behrendt and the thought leaders in dentistry. Each week offers new interviews. 

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Want to hone your clinical & practice management skills? ACT Dental U offers weekly Master Classes with renowned dental educators AND 100s of videos and tools.

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ACT Dental Practice Coaching

Customized practice management, leadership and team training and coaching.  We work on the priorities that are most important in your practice and create opportunities for growth.

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In order to grow your practice you have to have repeatable systems that allow team members to give their best energy to the things that matter most - your patients.  When you don’t have systems in place you have to do things over and over, which makes it difficult to be productive and profitable.  It also exhausts your team members. 

Join Kirk Behrendt, ACT Dental CEO Sept. 23rd at 1:00PM EASTERN!


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