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695: Dr Marco Brindis - Treatment of the Edentulous Patient

Kirk welcomes prosthodontist Dr. Marco Brindis to discuss the treatment of the edentulous patient. They talk about the need for individualized treatment plans and the balance between saving teeth and providing optimal health and function. Dr. Brindis also highlights the importance of collaboration with other dental professionals, the importance of patient communication, treatment options for the edentulous patient, and material selection for restorations. Tune in and learn about the specialty that is treating edentulous patients.

Patients Hate Bad Surprises

Some people will say, “I love surprises!” You know who does NOT love surprises? Your patients! Imagine this: you go in to get your oil changed. You know exactly how much an oil change costs, and that’s what you expect to pay. When they hand you the bill, you’re surprised to see all these extra charges—a fixed headlight, fresh wiper blades, maybe even a new battery. You didn’t ask for all that. You just wanted an oil change! This is how patients can feel after a procedure. They go in for a cleaning, and on their way out, they get charged for all these extra things. Not the kind of surprise people want! The solution is simple: communication. When you notice a problem, tell the patient right away. Explain what you found, then ask if you can fix it. Go over the procedure beforehand so patients aren’t surprised when they see the bill. You’ll earn their trust and make them want to come back! Some things just shouldn’t be a surprise. If you can relate to the oil change conundrum, you’ll definitely want to share this quick funny video with your team members. You’re in for a good laugh! And be sure to check out this fantastic article about why communication is so critical to the success of your practice.

694: Dr. Newton Fahl - Are Composite Resins for this Day and Age in Digital Dentistry

694: Dr. Newton Fahl - Are Composite Resins for this Day and Age in Digital Dentistry

In this episode, Kirk welcomes a leading thinker, educator, and practicing dentist Dr. Newton Fahl to discuss the importance of composite resigns in an age of digital dentistry. Dr. Fahl sheds light on the ethical and financial aspects of using composite resins and highlights the artistry involved in creating natural-looking restorations. They discuss the advancements in composite resin materials and Dr. Fahl explains his process of restorations and how he charges for the work. His upcoming course, 'Mastering Interior Composites,' covers the fundamental concepts and techniques of composite resin restorations. To learn more about composite resins in the age of digital dentistry, don’t miss this episode!

2 Key Tools for Accountability Success in Your Dental Practice!

We’ve spoken a lot about the importance of tracking your practice’s data in the last few blogs, but another critical step is actually using the data! Ultimately, if you don’t do anything with your data, then there’s no reason to track it in the first place. But by taking that first step and accounting for all

693: New Year – Old You, With Some Tweaks! – Dr. Uche Odiatu

693: New Year – Old You, With Some Tweaks! – Dr. Uche Odiatu

Do you want a better year, but don't know where to start? With a few small tweaks, you can make it happen — and you don't have to change who you are! To help you achieve the year of your dreams, Kirk Behrendt returns with Dr. Uche Odiatu, one of ACT’s favorite health and wellness gurus, with tips to improve every dimension of your well-being. Small changes lead to big results! To start your journey to a better year, listen to Episode 693 of The Best Practices Show!

692: Dr. Andrew Turchin - How to Get the Biggest ROI from Continuing Education

Have you ever wondered about whether you should invest in Continuing Education? In this episode, Kirk welcomes practicing dentist and coach Dr. Andrew Turchin to talk about how to get the biggest ROI from continuing education. The two discuss how to decide on the right courses and Dr. Turchin shares strategies for bridging the gap between CE courses and implementing new skills and knowledge. He also highlights the importance of taking time to reflect on learnings from CE courses and scheduling team meetings to discuss and plan for implementation.

691: Ariel Juday - Unlock Your Full-Fee Potential - Elevate Patient Perception and Charge What You're Worth!

In this episode, Kirk welcomes back coach Ariel Juday to discuss how dentists can unlock their full fee potential and effectively communicate value to patients. Ariel emphasizes the importance of billing the full fee for services, the negative impact of write-offs and the need for a clear financial policy. By creating specific adjustment types and understanding the financial aspects of their practice, dentists can improve profitability and ensure alignment within their team.

Understanding Love: Your Team's 5 Languages

There’s a book I want you to read. It’s called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. This book completely transformed the way I look at relationships—relationships with my friends, family, team members, everyone. It can help transform YOUR relationships, too!

690: The Beacon of Practice Success – Heather Crockett

You'll hear it again and again on this podcast: core values are critical for practice success! It makes hard decisions easier, the workplace healthier, and everyone happier. If you're struggling with this foundational piece, keep listening! Kirk Behrendt brings back Heather Crockett, one of ACT’s amazing coaches, with a step-by-step for how to create a craveable work culture. It all starts with core values! To hear it for the thousandth time, listen to Episode 690 of The Best Practices Show!

689: Dr. Will Kelly - The Non-Traditional Path to Creating Your Own Practice

Dr. Will Kelly, a leader in the field of Esthetic Restorative Dentistry and Dental Implants, shares the story of his unconventional path to dentistry. Dr. Kelly discusses the importance of being true to oneself, emphasizes the value of mentorship, the importance of filtering patients and focusing on treatment acceptance. Dr. Kelly also shares his vision for a practice that is like a speakeasy, where patients seek out his services. Dr. Kelly encourages dentists to know themselves, align their values with their practice, and pursue their dreams.

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