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734: Chronic Oral Wounds in Your Dental Practice – Tanya Dunlap

Getting patients healthy is your number-one role. But are you focusing on the disease that matters most? It’s time to address the most undiagnosed and untreated condition — gum disease — and now there's an easier way. To help you start the conversation, Kirk Behrendt brings in Tanya Dunlap, vice president of Perio Protect, to showcase Perio Tray, a convenient way to treat, prevent, and manage gum disease. To learn more about Perio Tray and how it can improve your patients’ lives, listen to Episode 734 of The Best Practices Show!

733: Health Habits to Wind Down for Deep Sleep – Dr. Uche Odiatu & Loren King

Are you exhausted before the day is done? Do you wish you had more sleep? Better health, a better life — even being a better dental professional — is tied to a more restful night. To help you be your best self at home and the office, Kirk Behrendt brings back one of ACT’s favorite health and wellness gurus, Dr. Uche Odiatu, and Loren King, an international speaker, life coach, and dental hygienist, to reveal a few simple hacks and habits to start sleeping better today. To learn the foundation for better sleep, listen to Episode 733 of The Best Practices Show!

732: Empowering the Owner-Associate Synergy – Dr. Sean Bahrami

For a practice to be successful, it needs great owner-associate synergy. But how do you find the right owner or associate? To guide both sides through this process, Kirk Behrendt brings in Dr. Sean Bahrami, founder of Dental Wellness Society, to share his strategies for becoming and finding the ideal candidate. To learn the secrets to a successful owner-associate relationship, listen to Episode 732 of The Best Practices Show!

Enhance Patient Care: By Ditching "Just" & "Little"

Language is powerful and in your dental practice, it can shape both patient experiences and team dynamics. Seemingly harmless words can have a minimizing effect on your message—and its impact. Take words like "just" and "little:"

731: Turning the Numbers into Dollars: Data Mastery in Your Practice! – Dr. Barrett Straub

Do you hate tracking numbers? Are you confused about what to track and why you need to track them? To help you change that, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Barrett Straub, ACT’s CEO, with another framework for mastering the key data in your practice. Start making better business decisions with the help of data! To learn which numbers to track and countermeasures to improve your profitability and culture, listen to Episode 731 of The Best Practices Show!

Decoding Growth: Top 3 New Patient KPIs Unveiled

New patients are the bread and butter that keep your practice rolling, but you can’t just take on all of them. You need the right amount of the right patients, but how do you know where you stand? The answer is data. We love data here, because data is honest. Like Kirk says, “data has no emotion,” it just

730: The Alliance of Independent Dentists: Why and How to Remain Independent – Dr. Christian Coachman & Dr. Jill Tanzi

Do you feel stressed from running your practice? Are you ready to give up ownership? Before you do, listen to this episode! Kirk Behrendt and Dr. Christian Coachman bring in Dr. Jill Tanzi, president of Alliance of Independent Dentists, to explain the importance of staying independent and to offer solutions for struggling dentists. If you're feeling overwhelmed, help is out there! To learn more about Dr. Tanzi’s organization and how they can support you, listen to Episode 730 of The Best Practices Show!

729: The Speakers Evaluation Chart – Dr. Christian Coachman

Whether you're taking a course or giving a course, there's a way to do it efficiently. To help you save time in becoming a better speaker or learner, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Christian Coachman, founder of Digital Smile Design, to share his framework for identifying great CE and educators, and ways for speakers to improve their craft. To learn how to decide who deserves your time, listen to Episode 729 of The Best Practices Show!

10 Phrases Great Leaders Say When It's Raining In The Practice

Spring can be a double-edged sword for dental practices. While the season brings new beginnings, it can also lead to a surge in appointments and a hectic work environment. During these times, strong leadership is crucial to keep your team motivated and prevent burnout. But the truth is, you won't always have answers. What matters most is how you respond to the inevitable negative emotions—frustration, anxiety, or uncertainty—that can arise during busy periods. As a leader, your words hold immense power. Here's how to use them to foster calm and support: Affirmation: Acknowledge the challenges and compliment your team. Phrases like, "I really appreciate the great work you’re doing," or "thank you for your tremendous effort today," can make a big difference. Listening: Encourage open communication and create a safe space for your team to express themselves. Questions like, “what can I do to support you today,” or “I’m here to listen if you have concerns” go a long way. Reassurance: Sometimes, the team just needs to hear that things are going to get better. Words like “today was hard; tomorrow will be better,” or “I know we’re busy; things will even-out soon” offer optimism when it’s needed most. By being a supportive presence, you build trust and show your team you value them . It’s what empowers your team to persevere during those April showers—and it’s what’ll keep them around to enjoy the May flowers.

From Setbacks to Success: Embracing Humility as a Leader

It happens to all of us. A key team member quits. Someone you thought you were tight with, someone you thought would be there forever. Someone you thought was all in and completely committed to you and your practice. They pull you aside and let you know they are moving on to another practice, one they feel is a better fit for their life. Ouch.

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