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712: How Did This All Begin & How Did You Get Here? – Dr. Dennis Hartlieb

In this special crossover episode, the tables are turned! Kirk Behrendt is interviewed on the Dental Online Training Sharecast, a podcast by Dr. Dennis Hartlieb, founder of Dental Online Training. Kirk shares everything from his early years, the origins of ACT Dental, and his thoughts on the current state of dentistry. To learn more about Kirk and hear his great advice on dentistry and life, listen to Episode 712 of The Best Practices Show!

711: Why Gross Production is the Worst Metric for Dentists – Dr. Barrett Straub

A big part of having a better practice and a better life is understanding your numbers. But if you focus on the wrong ones, it can destroy your business! Gross production is one of the worst metrics for dentists, and Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Barrett Straub, ACT’s CEO, to explain why it doesn't tell the whole story of your practice. To learn about the metrics that truly matter and how to use them to plan your best life, listen to Episode 711 of The Best Practices Show!

710: Mastering the Hand-Off; 1 Move With Big Impact – Michelle Wakeman

Are you ever at the doctor’s office and feel like no one is listening? That could be happening in your own dental practice! One solution is the hand-off, an important element in your practice. Kirk Behrendt brings in Michelle Wakeman, one of ACT’s amazing coaches, to explain what it is and how to do it right so that your patients have a great experience at each visit. To learn the recipe for an excellent hand-off, listen to Episode 710 of The Best Practices Show!

709: The Why’s and Y’s of Zirconia – Dr. Shashikant Singhal

How much do you know about zirconia? If zirconia is still a mystery, don't miss this episode! Kirk Behrendt brings in Dr. Shashikant Singhal, Director of Education & Professional Services at Ivoclar, to explain the different types of zirconia, its properties, and what dentists get wrong when using this material. To improve how you craft your dental masterpiece, listen to Episode 709 of The Best Practices Show!

708: PPO Independence: Turn ‘Do You Take My Insurance?’ Into a Winning Conversation! – Ariel Juday & Christina Byrne

Whether you're fee-for-service or PPO, patients will ask the dreaded question, “Do you take my insurance?” If you're struggling to give a great answer, don't miss this episode! Kirk Behrendt brings back Ariel Juday and Christina Byrne, two of ACT’s amazing coaches, with tips to improve your communication, verbal skills, and understanding of dental insurance. To learn how to have a winning insurance conversation, listen to Episode 708 of The Best Practices Show!

707: Why the Road Ahead for Dentists is Amazing – Dr. Barrett Straub

If you want a great life as a dentist, you need a great dental practice. To help you take your first steps toward a better life, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Barrett Straub, ACT’s CEO, to showcase their new membership program, the Best Practices Association. Join today and transform your practice! To earn more, stress less, and start enjoying your days at work, listen to Episode 707 of The Best Practices Show!

Is Your Language Poisoning Your Practice?

Language matters. It sets the tone for how we perceive and treat one another. If you’re still referring to the people are your practice as “staff,” it’s time to make a change. “Staff” is clinical, detached, and frankly, a bit infectious in how it undermines the true essence of your team. There’s a reason it sounds like “staph (as in, infection)!” Instead, let's call them what they truly are—your TEAM. Team (v): A group of people who work together in order to achieve something. Your team isn't just a collection of people clocking in and out; they're the heartbeat of your practice. They're your allies, your comrades-in-arms, your backbone. These are people you trust and who trust you—so why refer to them as mere "staff?” Letting your team know that you see them for everything they are will affirm everything they do. And the best part is that all you need to do is change one word in your vocabulary. Here’s a crash course for how to make mindful language part of your practice. It’s time to get rid of the staff infection at your practice!

706: Leading Beyond the Chair: 4 Key Pillars for Dental Team Success – Miranda Beeson

If you're not good with people, you won't have a great business — or a great life! Your first step is to master the four domains of emotional intelligence, and Kirk Behrendt brings back Miranda Beeson, one of ACT’s amazing coaches, to teach you how. Get good at people, not just dentistry! To become an emotionally intelligent leader for yourself, your team, and your family, listen to Episode 706 of The Best Practices Show!

705: 3 Questions You Have to Answer on How Patients Enter Your Practice – Dr. Jim McKee

How do patients enter your practice? It’s the most important question to consider as a dentist and business owner. To guide you through three main questions you need to answer, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Jim McKee, founder of Chicago Study Club, to share a few critical lessons he’s learned over his professional career. To learn which questions to answer for the success of your practice, listen to Episode 705 of The Best Practices Show!

Leading Beyond the Chair: 4 Key Pillars for Dental Team Success

People don’t leave jobs—they leave bosses, so in order to be someone that people want to follow, you must work to become a great leader. In fact, as the leader you have a responsibility to your team, because without your leadership, they will flounder and get off track. It’s like Kirk says: “As goes the leader, so

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