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Decoding Growth: Top 3 New Patient KPIs Unveiled

New patients are the bread and butter that keep your practice rolling, but you can’t just take on all of them. You need the right amount of the right patients, but how do you know where you stand? The answer is data. We love data here, because data is honest. Like Kirk says, “data has no emotion,” it just

730: The Alliance of Independent Dentists: Why and How to Remain Independent – Dr. Christian Coachman & Dr. Jill Tanzi

Do you feel stressed from running your practice? Are you ready to give up ownership? Before you do, listen to this episode! Kirk Behrendt and Dr. Christian Coachman bring in Dr. Jill Tanzi, president of Alliance of Independent Dentists, to explain the importance of staying independent and to offer solutions for struggling dentists. If you're feeling overwhelmed, help is out there! To learn more about Dr. Tanzi’s organization and how they can support you, listen to Episode 730 of The Best Practices Show!

729: The Speakers Evaluation Chart – Dr. Christian Coachman

Whether you're taking a course or giving a course, there's a way to do it efficiently. To help you save time in becoming a better speaker or learner, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Christian Coachman, founder of Digital Smile Design, to share his framework for identifying great CE and educators, and ways for speakers to improve their craft. To learn how to decide who deserves your time, listen to Episode 729 of The Best Practices Show!

10 Phrases Great Leaders Say When It's Raining In The Practice

Spring can be a double-edged sword for dental practices. While the season brings new beginnings, it can also lead to a surge in appointments and a hectic work environment. During these times, strong leadership is crucial to keep your team motivated and prevent burnout. But the truth is, you won't always have answers. What matters most is how you respond to the inevitable negative emotions—frustration, anxiety, or uncertainty—that can arise during busy periods. As a leader, your words hold immense power. Here's how to use them to foster calm and support: Affirmation: Acknowledge the challenges and compliment your team. Phrases like, "I really appreciate the great work you’re doing," or "thank you for your tremendous effort today," can make a big difference. Listening: Encourage open communication and create a safe space for your team to express themselves. Questions like, “what can I do to support you today,” or “I’m here to listen if you have concerns” go a long way. Reassurance: Sometimes, the team just needs to hear that things are going to get better. Words like “today was hard; tomorrow will be better,” or “I know we’re busy; things will even-out soon” offer optimism when it’s needed most. By being a supportive presence, you build trust and show your team you value them . It’s what empowers your team to persevere during those April showers—and it’s what’ll keep them around to enjoy the May flowers.

From Setbacks to Success: Embracing Humility as a Leader

It happens to all of us. A key team member quits. Someone you thought you were tight with, someone you thought would be there forever. Someone you thought was all in and completely committed to you and your practice. They pull you aside and let you know they are moving on to another practice, one they feel is a better fit for their life. Ouch.

728: How to Fail Hiring an Associate - Bob spiel

Most associateships — 75% of them — are doomed to fail. If you want to be part of the 25%, don't miss this episode! Kirk Behrendt brings back Bob Spiel, founder of Dentist Partner Pros, to share his expertise in building successful associate relationships, no matter what stage of your dental career. Are you ready to commit? To learn how not to fail when hiring an associate, listen to Episode 728 of The Best Practices Show!

727: 3 Metrics to Measure New Patient Success – Miranda Beeson

You want more new patients. But you don't need all of them! You need the right ones coming — and staying — in your practice. To teach you how, Kirk Behrendt brings back Miranda Beeson, ACT’s director of education and amazing coach, with three metrics to help you track the true number of new patients you have and need. New patients are your bread and butter. Get them to return and stay long term! To learn how to attract new patients and reappoint the great ones you already have, listen to Episode 727 of The Best Practices Show!

726: Mental and Physical Wellness in a Dental World: Balance is Key to Happiness – Dr. Maurice Salama & Dr. Christian Coachman

We pursue success to attain happiness. But what we truly need is balance. To teach you what it means to have balance and how to achieve it, Kirk Behrendt and Dr. Christian Coachman bring in Dr. Maurice Salama, scientific director of DentalXP, with his advice for improving and preserving your physical, mental, and emotional well-being throughout your career in dentistry. Don't trade your health for success! To learn how to prioritize your overall wellness, listen to Episode 726 of The Best Practices Show!

Increase The Odds of Winning In Your Dental Practice

The Kentucky Derby comes around once a year—but, on any given day, your practice can channel an anxious energy that rivals Churchill Downs. When you’re off to the races with a full schedule ahead of you, make sure you’re setting yourself up for success. Running your best race means keeping the triple crown of dentistry top-of-mind: Right Patient: From first-time patients to smiles you have a strong rapport with, get to know who’s on your schedule before the gate opens. You’ll feel more confident walking into the room when you know who’s waiting for you. Right Procedure: Schedule appointments for procedures you excel at and genuinely enjoy. Likewise, block out dedicated slots for complex procedures, leaving ample time for simpler ones. This ensures a smooth flow that’ll keep you relaxed. Right Time of Day: When are you at your peak performance? Are you a morning maestro or an afternoon ace? Schedule demanding procedures for your focus zone, leaving routine checkups for times that might be slightly less intense. By being cognizant of your schedule, you can craft a winning experience for yourself, your team, and your patients. Remember, a good schedule is predictable, profitable, and productive—it feels like a victory lap, not a frantic scramble.

725: The Long-Term Value of Great Relationships in Dentistry – Dr. Bill Robbins, Dr. Jim Otten, & Dr. Gary DeWood

Without a support system, dentistry can be incredibly lonely. What you need are long-term relationships that last your entire career. But where and how do you find people to connect with? To answer that question, Kirk Behrendt brings in three of his favorite people in dentistry, Dr. Bill Robbins, Dr. Jim Otten, and Dr. Gary DeWood, with their wisdom and advice for finding the people you need in your life. Don't wait for them to come to you — seek them out! To learn about the best places where the best people gather, listen to Episode 725 of The Best Practices Show!

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