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FREE WEBINAR: Unlock Your Full-Fee Potential: Elevate Patient Perception and Charge What You're Worth! with Ariel Juday & Kirk Behrendt

Unlock Your Full-Fee Potential: Elevate Patient Perception and Charge What You're Worth! with Ariel Juday & Kirk Behrendt


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Welcome to "Unlock Your Full-Fee Potential: Elevate Patient Perception and Charge What You're Worth!" – a transformative webinar designed for forward-thinking dentists. Are you ready to break free from the limitations of traditional UCR (Usual, Customary, and Reasonable) fee schedules? Join us to discover a groundbreaking approach that prioritizes your value, enhances patient experience, and maximizes your practice's profitability.

Why This Webinar is Essential:

It's about understanding your business profitability and simultaneously building patient value. This webinar will unpack the critical administrative strategies to elevate your practice and ensure its success.

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn why you have to consistently bill your full fee for what you do.
  • Understand the WHY of your master fee schedule.
  • Explore the concept of billing your full fee beyond insurance claims.
  • Learn how this approach builds patient value and informs business decisions.
  • See how to think better about coding for what you do.
  • Dive into the importance of accurate coding for appropriate reimbursement.
  • Discover how clarity in coding reduces conflicts and enhances patient understanding.
  • Learn why you have to create specific adjustment types and proper documentation.
  • See how to differentiate and document adjustment types for insightful business analysis.
  • Learn the importance of specificity in adjustments for future decision-making.
  • See why you need a deeper understanding of write-offs, or you and your team will be working full days for free.
  • See how to analyze how write-offs impact your gross and net production.
  • Develop strategies to minimize the effort expended on non-recoverable services.
  • See why you need a robust Financial Policy: Its Relevance and Importance.
  • See how to establish a robust financial policy for clarity in billing processes.
  • Learn how to create patient-facing and team-facing financial policies for seamless operations.

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About ACT Dental:

ACT Dental has built a thriving community of engaged, growth-minded dental professionals striving to be their best version for their families and team members. This webinar is designed to support practice and team development, providing attendees with a deepened understanding of our tools and philosophies and fostering deeper relationships within the community.

Join us and experience why our members consider ACT Dental an essential part of their career-long journey to success.

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