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3 Steps To Add More New Patients To Your Dental Practice

Did you know that only one third of all new dental patients calling a dental office today will actually schedule an appointment? What if you improved that figure to one-half or three-quarters and add more new patients to your dental practice?

Even that small change would have a dramatic effect on your practice—and it’s not out of reach. With just three simple steps, you can increase the rate of new patients you bring on board each month:

Here Are The 3 Steps To Add More New Dental Patients To Your Practice:

  1. Collect the data:  The first step is to collect the relevant data so that you can analyze it and make a plan. Have one of your team members collect the data and present it to you on a weekly basis. You need to track how many calls you get in a week, how many calls each week are actually answered, how many calls are returned and how many calls are converted into new dental patients. These insights will inform your plan.
  2. Analyze the data points:  Once you have some data to work with, you will be able to identify the gaps between the calls that you receive and the number of new patients you actually add to your practice. Data always tells a story—and it should provide you with opportunities to improve.
  3. Create a plan to make progress:  When you develop a plan to add more new patients, make sure you focus on progress rather than perfection. As you analyze your data, you will see opportunities to improve. Look at this data as an opportunity to improve your numbers and add more new dental patients. If the percentage of calls converted to new patients is low, you have a chance to give your team members the training and coaching they need to improve conversions—even if it’s just by a few percentage points.

After you have created and implemented your plan, simply repeat these three steps to see even more progress. You will ultimately create opportunities for more new dental patients, and your practice will grow with the right types of people supporting you.


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