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5 Zone Checklist

Do you lie awake at night thinking about work? You try to fall asleep, but all you can think about is that empty supply cabinet or overflowing trash can. When things don’t get done, they follow you home. And don’t even get me started about the team members who leave early while everyone else has to stay late!

Everyone likes to say, “That’s not my job.” Nobody’s told to clean the instruments, so nobody does it. Your team has to know who’s responsible for what. If you don’t assign tasks, team members will waste their time distracting those who are still getting work done.

Sounds like your office needs a five-zone checklist.

Split the office into five zones. One person owns a zone, and if they finish early, they have to help clean a different zone. The five-zone checklist encourages everyone to break out of their silos and work as a team. Help everyone’s day be successful so you can walk to your cars together.

Need help building your five-zone checklist? I made a short video that’ll help you get started. Write down those tasks so you never have to repeat yourself again!

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