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Are You Open Or Closed?

Looks like there’s a chance of rain! So, what do you do? You bring an umbrella with you. When it starts to pour, you wouldn’t keep the umbrella folded up. That would be ridiculous!

Umbrellas only work when they’re open—and so does your mind.

To run a successful practice, you have to keep an open mind. I’ve seen too many dentists who are closed off to new ideas, knowledge and possibilities. They say things like, “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” As soon as somebody says that, you know they have a closed mind!

Dentists who stick with their same old ways get stuck in one spot. Don’t let that be you!

Open your mind to new ways of thinking. Open your mind to new processes, systems and technologies. Be open to having discussions with your team. When you keep an open mind, you can discover even better ways to do things. That’s when you’ll really start to grow!

Having an open mind is SUPER important. I even walked through the rain with a closed umbrella to prove my point! Check out this short video to see how that went.


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