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Get Rolling With Momentum!

motivation Jul 12, 2013

Establishing momentum is just like trying to roll a boulder (or in this case a minivan!!). It takes a lot of energy to get started, but once it’s rolling, it’s hard to stop.

Whether in business, sports or your practice, nothing creates confidence faster than gaining strong forward momentum.

When a basketball team goes on a big run, the opposing coach will always call a timeout to try to stop the momentum.

Fitness buffs discover that once they get into a workout routine, it’s hard to quit the urge to stay in shape. And that’s when great results happen!

Did you every read a great book, or see a movie that really inspired you? Part of the challenge is to keep that motivation once you’ve walked out of the theater.

So find ways to maintain positive momentum in your practice. Today, make something great happen. [Tweet “Focus on “making the day” for one of your patients. Tomorrow, make TWO great things happen. Keep the momentum rolling forward, and watch the results start rolling in!”]

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