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Have you ever worked someplace that wasn’t super great? Maybe you were expected to stay late or work through lunch. People around the office weren’t open to your ideas. The hustle culture was so intense, you felt guilty for using the bathroom!

Wonder why it was like that? Look no further than the leader. Great leaders set great behaviors, and not-so-great leaders . . . well, you get the idea. There’s a trickle-down effect—if the leader acts a certain way, the whole team will act that way, too.

You’re the leader—what type of culture are you creating?

The culture you’ve created is what you’ll pass down to future leaders. Before you train the leaders of tomorrow, you have to reflect on the type of leader you are right now. Are you open-minded? Do you promote a healthy work-life balance? Do you encourage team members to take breaks? If not, something’s gotta change.

Be the leader you want others to be!

Even leaders need support every once in a while. That’s why we’re here! Our coaches can help you become a better leader, so you can help others become better leaders.

PS: We were lucky to have Laura’s granddaughter visit our office for a day. So, we decided SHE would be the leader! Watch our latest video to see how it went!


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