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Stretch to be Better

Your mind is like a rubber band. You gotta stretch it every day to stay limber and strong. Stretching involves going outside your comfort zone so you can learn new things. If you don’t stretch, then you won’t grow!

But you don’t wanna stretch too much. Have you ever broken a rubber band before? It hurts! Stretching too far outside your comfort zone can create challenges that are too difficult. It gets to the point where stretching is no longer a learning experience. You just feel burned out.

Not stretching at all is bad, but stretching too much is bad, too. Find the sweet spot where you’re stretching just a little bit outside your comfort zone. That way, you can learn something new while staying well within your capabilities. You’ll be able to stretch a little farther each day!

Remember when I said breaking a rubber band hurts? Yeah, that happened to me while we filmed our latest video. I really did break a rubber band just to prove my point. The things I do to make you laugh!


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