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WAIT: Why Am I Talking?

A lot of people talk just to talk. You might be talking a bunch, but are you contributing to the conversation? Talking and contributing are two different things. Not everyone who talks is a contributor!

Do you ever catch team members having side conversations at morning huddles? I bet it drives you nuts! They’re taking away from the meeting, not adding to it. If it’s not something they can share with the whole team, they probably shouldn’t be saying it right now!

Team members (that includes you!) need to be more intentional when they talk.

I like to use the WAIT acronym. It stands for, “Why am I talking?” You’ll become more aware of what you’re saying and whether you should be saying it. You’ll say less words and ask more questions. You’ll add value with your contributions. And meetings will be a lot more productive.

When you feel like talking, WAIT and listen instead!

Don’t talk back when someone asks you to wait, either. One time, I tried arguing with a crosswalk button, and it didn’t go so well. That’s a video you really need to check out!


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