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Win Over Patients with Perceived Value

You know the value of your practice. Your patient care is incredible, your procedures are professionally done, and you have the best team you could ask for.

Sadly, patients don’t care about all that stuff. Crowns and fillings are all the same to them. It doesn’t matter if they get their teeth cleaned at this practice or that practice. The stuff they really care about has nothing to do with dentistry!

There’s perceived value, and there’s actual value. The problem is, perceived value is usually LOWER than actual value. You have to win over new patients by making a great first impression. And to do that, you have to increase your perceived value.

Replace those old magazines in the waiting room. Plug in a new air freshener. Make sure the bathrooms are clean. These are little things that don’t cost very much, and the best part is, they add tremendous value to your practice.

It’s not about the quality of your dentistry (well, it sort of is). It’s about creating an amazing experience for the patient.

You’ve got actual value. Now all you need is PERCEIVED value. This short video will motivate you to become the practice that patients want!


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