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688: Ariel Juday - 2 Key Tools for Accountability Success

In this episode, Kirk welcomes dental coach Ariel Juday to talk about two key tools for accountability success in dental practices – the practice scorecard, which helps track important numbers and data to remove emotion from decision-making, and how to determine if team members fit the practice's core values and are in the right roles. This is a useful, don’t miss episode that will help you establish trust and grow your practice the right way.

Episode Resources:

Main Takeaways

  • Accountability is important in dental practices and can be achieved through the use of specific tools.
  • The practice scorecard is a customizable tool that tracks important numbers and data to remove emotion from decision-making.
  • The right people, right seat scorecard helps determine if team members fit the practice's core values and are in the right roles.
  • Using scorecards provides clarity, sets expectations, and allows for better decision-making and improvement in dental practices.


00:00 Introduction

01:14 The Importance of Accountability

02:13 The First Tool: Practice Scorecard

05:04 The Second Tool: Right People, Right Seat Scorecard

26:03 Challenges and Celebrations of Using the Scorecards

32:10 Conclusion and Resources


“We all have goals and we want to hit these goals. But how do you know if you're achieving them?” (02:37- 02:42)

“The important thing about running a business or doing anything that you're going to improve is you need to be grounded in data because data removes all emotion.” (03:04  - 03:09)

“We know that if it's green, we did a good job. If it's red, okay, we have an area of opportunity. And the reason I like that is because it adds meaning to those numbers. A number is just a number unless you say, okay, what does this mean? And if we see red this week, red next week, the third week in a row of hitting red - hold on, everyone needs to hit the pause button. Let's talk about what's going on so that we can make this adjustment before it's too late.” (08:43 - 08:50)

“You'll notice a great meeting starts with data because it limits our focus in trying to go in all different directions on how we feel. If you've ever been in a bad meeting, it usually never started with data. It started with how I feel and somebody being angry and or it's a problem and you spend the whole time talking about the problem. The cool thing about having the scorecard is that everybody's been talking about data points. We can coalesce around what needs to be done and it can simplify the conversation.”  (13:08 - 13:35)

“If you have a partner dentist or an office manager or anybody else on your leadership team and you're struggling with a team member, don't talk about it. Just run the team member through the scorecard. And now you've got data against how they are performing with their core values and how they're performing in their role. And we have something specific to talk about.” (19:26 - 19:44)

“We've seen that teams that really embrace those core values start attracting patients that appreciate those core values.” (28:17 - 28:26)

Kirk Behrendt

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