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756: How to Kickstart Your Best Year Yet: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started! – Heather Crockett

Do you want a better year? Are you dreaming of working less days? There's one thing you need to do to make it happen — start planning ahead. To teach you how, Kirk Behrendt brings back Heather Crockett, one of ACT’s amazing coaches, with the ultimate guide to help you think better about your time. Plan ahead so you can be ahead! To learn how to take control of every schedule in your life, listen to Episode 756 of The Best Practices Show!

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Main Takeaways:

  • Know the number of days you work in a year.
  • Be intentional with your schedule and plan ahead.
  • You can run your practice on less than 48 weeks a year.
  • 220 is too many days of work. It will lead to burnout and resentment.
  • Remember that many of the best moments of your life won't happen at work.


0:00 Introduction.

1:54 Why this is an important topic.

4:14 How many days are you working?

7:15 Have more control.

8:22 Start with your big-picture vision.

12:58 You can run your practice on 48 weeks a year.

14:11 Don't let resentment build up.

16:32 Figure out your daily gross production goal.

19:01 Predictability makes your life better.

20:50 Last thoughts.

Heather Crockett Bio:

Heather Crockett is a Lead Practice Coach who finds joy in not only improving practices but improving the lives of those she coaches as well. With over 20 years of combined experience in assisting, office management, and clinical dental hygiene, her awareness supports many aspects of the practice setting.

Heather received her dental hygiene degree from the Utah College of Dental Hygiene in 2008. Networking in the dental community comes easy to her, and she loves to connect with like-minded colleagues on social media. Heather enjoys both attending and presenting continuing education to expand her knowledge and learn from her friends and colleagues.

She enjoys hanging out with her husband, three sons, and their dog, Moki, scrolling through social media, watching football, and traveling.