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719: The Leadership Blueprint: Elevating Your Dental Practice Culture – Adriana Booth

Are you feeling miserable in your practice? There's only one way to fix it, and that's by becoming a better leader. To help you achieve this, Kirk Behrendt brings back Adriana Booth, one of ACT’s amazing coaches, with a blueprint for creating a better culture in your practice. If you're unhappy at the place you work, don't stay stuck! To hit the reset button for your practice culture, listen to Episode 719 of The Best Practices Show!

716: Increasing Confidence Through Personal Alignment – Allison Lacoursiere

Knowing yourself is the best thing you can do in life. It will lead to self-acceptance, self-love, and more confidence — soft skills that are vital to every business owner. To help you discover and increase your self-worth, Kirk Behrendt brings in Allison Lacoursiere, founder of Clear Coaching, to share the four steps to personal alignment and confidence. Value yourself so you can value your practice! If you're ready to become your better self, listen to Episode 716 of The Best Practices Show!

717: 6 Steps to Leading Great Team Meetings – Robyn Theisen

If you think you don't have time for team meetings — think again. You don't have time not to do them! To highlight the importance of consistent communication, Kirk Behrendt brings back Robyn Theisen, one of ACT’s amazing coaches, to explain why meeting with your team is critical and how to do it in a productive way. Start communicating better so you can function better! To learn how, listen to Episode 717 of The Best Practices Show!

715: Helping a Patient vs. Making Business Out of a Patient – Dr. Marco Brindis

You need money to run your business. But your patients should always come first! To help you strike the balance of affordability, profitability, and quality care, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Marco Brindis, chairman of the Prosthodontics Department of Louisiana State University, to share his insight into a successful treatment planning process. Don't be a dentist just for the money! To learn the best ways to help patients while still making money, listen to Episode 715 of The Best Practices Show!

714: The Latest Trends in Digital Workflows – Dr. John Cranham

Whether you like it or not, digital dentistry is the future. To help you embrace rather than fear this change, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. John Cranham, co-founder of Cranham Culp Digital Dental, to explain how he is doing the best dentistry of his career at the age of 63. High-level dentistry requires high-level technology! To learn how a digital workflow will improve your dentistry, listen to Episode 714 of The Best Practices Show!

713: 60-Minute Mastery: Time Efficiency for Hygienists – Miranda Beeson & Michelle Wakeman

Do your hygienists complain about not having time? Are they constantly behind at every appointment? Don't blame them — blame your systems! To show that 60 minutes IS enough time, Kirk Behrendt brings back Miranda Beeson and Michelle Wakeman, two of ACT’s amazing coaches, with a framework to help you master the hygiene workflow. To learn how to take control of your time, listen to Episode 713 of The Best Practices Show!

3 Ways to Improve Your Hygiene Efficiency

One of your most valuable commodities is time, which is why Kirk often says that “Time is the new rich.” When it comes to hygiene, one of the most common conversations we have is that hygienists don’t have enough time, and want more than a 60-minute appointment, but what if instead of adding time,

712: How Did This All Begin & How Did You Get Here? – Dr. Dennis Hartlieb

In this special crossover episode, the tables are turned! Kirk Behrendt is interviewed on the Dental Online Training Sharecast, a podcast by Dr. Dennis Hartlieb, founder of Dental Online Training. Kirk shares everything from his early years, the origins of ACT Dental, and his thoughts on the current state of dentistry. To learn more about Kirk and hear his great advice on dentistry and life, listen to Episode 712 of The Best Practices Show!

711: Why Gross Production is the Worst Metric for Dentists – Dr. Barrett Straub

A big part of having a better practice and a better life is understanding your numbers. But if you focus on the wrong ones, it can destroy your business! Gross production is one of the worst metrics for dentists, and Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Barrett Straub, ACT’s CEO, to explain why it doesn't tell the whole story of your practice. To learn about the metrics that truly matter and how to use them to plan your best life, listen to Episode 711 of The Best Practices Show!

710: Mastering the Hand-Off; 1 Move With Big Impact – Michelle Wakeman

Are you ever at the doctor’s office and feel like no one is listening? That could be happening in your own dental practice! One solution is the hand-off, an important element in your practice. Kirk Behrendt brings in Michelle Wakeman, one of ACT’s amazing coaches, to explain what it is and how to do it right so that your patients have a great experience at each visit. To learn the recipe for an excellent hand-off, listen to Episode 710 of The Best Practices Show!

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